Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday AM coffee

It was 91* here yesterday and we went to bed with the windows open. I awoke way too early this morning to the stench of smoke that was so strong I thought something nearby had to be burning, but no we are getting smoke/haze from the Canadian fires that are burning approximately 1400 miles from here - WOW right?!?

It's been an insanely busy week here. 
A few of the highlights are as follows:

A beautiful evening for baseball Monday night.
The boys played against a big town tournament team that has the reputation of being unbeatable.
Well folks I tell you what, our boys won! Final score was 5 to 1. Hell of a good game!

Beautiful sunset as we pulled into the driveway.

Jennifer appears to be watching the sunset too.

Tuesday was a home track meet.

Watching the storm clouds roll in.

The 4 x 2 relay seems to be the last race run at all the track meets we've been to and just as Caden crossed the finish line the sky's opened up.

Right after the track meet it was time for the Spring choir and band concert.

Wednesday night was the night we've been waiting for.
Senior Awards banquet.
The top 10 students in our 2016 graduating class.

The scholarships were individually announced by the people or organizations who provided them. Most of the people spoke of their reasons for providing the scholarships. All of their stories were very moving. From the man who lost his wife to breast cancer two years ago, to the mom and dad who lost their son overseas five years ago. A reoccurring theme in their testimonials was that they all wanted their loved ones memory to carry forward  and in that, to help enrich other peoples lives who also had a passion for learning. 

Our daughter was very fortunate to have received one of the top scholarships from a local family. I can't tell you how proud we are of Chyann. She is one determined young lady and will make all her dreams a reality.

Missed having Colton home for this event.
However it sounds like he will be taking a few days off work around the graduation.
His finals are next week so the year is about done for him. 

Last night we had another track meet in a nearby town. Damn it was hot, like I said 91* was the high temp and the winds were freaking howling. Good thing I brought sunblock and kept myself lubed up otherwise I'd be one miserable gal today.

Caden getting ready for the pole vault. 

Afterwards we ate out at Arby's.
 Caden had heard about a mythical sandwich that is not listed on their menu, but if you order it you can have it. 
It is called the MEAT MOUNTAIN!
Loaded with 1.5 pounds of meat - ham, turkey, roast beef and 2 chicken tenders and for a mere 10 bucks it can be yours. 
The counter folks were sure Caden couldn't eat it, but you know what? He did! Every last bite. 

Less than two weeks away from the graduation. I have finally secured chairs - YAY!! The first mowing of the season will commence this weekend.  

That's all for now. 
Have a good day :)

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Ami said...

Man, that youngest kid of yours is sporty!!! Good thing he has family support. :)

Congratulations to your lovely daughter, too. It sounds like she's a hell of a lot more focused than I ever was.

I have to get a new sunscreen. And I have to remember to put it on the part in my hair when I'm out. That's where I always get fried.