Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Making progress on my list

Yesterday was a jam packed busy day. My fitbit says I got in 26,480 steps.Which apparently is the equivalent of 11.4 miles.

My bathroom ceiling project was aborted in the final phase due to the can of paint being rusty on the inside. What is up with that? Name brand paint that I bought about two months ago and never opened prior to yesterday. Everything was prepped and ready to go so I shook the crap out of that can, popped the lid to find rusty flakes throughout. Yes I will return that can and get another can of paint, but my window to get that project done before the graduation is gone.

Moving on down my list:
Mowing. Rode the rider until I had a flat tire. Then broke out the push mower until the Hubby came home and he got my new weed wacker out of the box and gassed up. Wielded that amazingly heavy piece of hardware until the sun went down and I ran out of string.

Glad I'm out of string, otherwise my already aching and screaming arms/shoulders would be in for more torture today. As it is I'll be cleaning the fridge and pulling weeds which I'm sure is going to hurt like hell too, but probably a little less than they would running the weed wacker.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I can't decide which we've got a Wheeler baseball game this evening that will put a halt to my mowing/weed wacking fun. Will be nice to see the boys play, but I feel I'm running out of time.

My Mother and Gerry haven't left OK yet, but will within the next hour. If all goes well they'll be here late tonight or early tomorrow am. Gerry about gave me a heart attack yesterday afternoon. He calls and says do you want to hear my tale of woe? All I could think was something happened and they weren't coming and how was I going to tell that to Chyann. UGH. Thankfully though the tale of woe had nothing to do with them not coming but rather one of his cows giving birth and he had to call the vet out and have the calf pulled as he was unable to do it himself. The calf survived, but had a badly swollen head and something odd with it's feet so it couldn't stand. He ended up taking the cow and calf down to the vets place for her to take care of while they are here. As of this morning both are doing well.

Remember I said we had a good freeze Saturday night? One of the trees along the driveway, I'm not sure what kind it is, got hit hard. About the lower third of the leaves are black and shriveled up. I'll have to get a picture of that so you can see what I mean. Poor tree, it looks awful.

Alright I've probably procrastinated enough. Time to get on with it.

Have a good one :)

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Nicole said...

I think the only time I've had my fitbit say those numbers is when riding horses. You were busy!