Saturday, June 4, 2016

The week in review

Our local Memorial Day Parade was well attended this year.
Seems like both the high school and middle school bands are shrinking though. So much that the band teacher has to pitch in on drums. 
This was Caden's first year marching in this parade since last year it was rained out. 

My peeps at the parade.

Did I mention it was pretty hot and humid? 
The girl with shoulder length brown hair on the left fainted from the heat. I saw it happen and couldn't believe my eyes! Thankfully all she needed was some water and shade. Poor kid. 

Traditional after parade picture of the kids.
Sure looks like Caden is about the same height as his sister now, if not a bit taller.

We went to St Cloud for parent/student registration day last Tuesday.
I think Chyann will do well there. I'm really excited for her.
Glad I got all my mowing and weeding done the day before because we missed a huge storm that dropped a little over four inches of rain at home.

I mentioned to Colton's girlfriend that we took the pool tarp off and that I worried Dozer would take an unplanned dip in the pool. That very day they came and picked Dozer up to go live with them. Imagine that lol
We are down to three dogs now and that is just about perfect. 

I managed to get both my gardens planted during the week.
I had planned on doing just one small garden this year, but some how I ended up with 36 tomato plants and 24 sweet/hot pepper plants. Not to mention 8 pickling cukes and other random stuff. No small garden this year I guess.  

Baseball in a nearby town tonight. Sure hope the weather stays nice.

Have a good one :)

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Nicole said...

A girl in the band collapsed? Did she lock her knees? That'll do it faster than anything... but I don't know why.