Saturday, May 28, 2016


Can't believe it's over with already. All that time spent worrying and preparing for it and poof it is all done and over.

A few of my favorite pictures from the day:

The kids before we left for the school. 

Favorite picture of my Mom and Gerry.

Colton and his girlfriend.

Chyann getting ready to go get dressed.

The family. Yes we got there way early.
 When Colton graduated he says he almost missed it because we were late, but I swear he never told us we needed to be there at 6p. All I remember was that we needed to be there at 645p, which apparently was outrageously late. 

We got front row seats just like we did for Colton's graduation so we must not have been too late for his, right?

Funny side story for you. Some friends of ours were up in the balcony during the graduation and saw me, but didn't recognize the man I was with. They realized later it was the Hubby lol
Apparently he is unrecognizable when he wears jeans and has a hair cut. 

After all the Seniors arrived we went into another gym and took pictures.

Picture of Chyann's two friends and us moms.

Chyann and her boyfriend.

And look who I found when I went back to sit down!
The Hubby's sister and her family drove from ND to join us!
How wonderful was that?!? 
I couldn't believe that our grown nephews and niece even took time off from their jobs and busy lives to celebrate this momentous event with us.  
I can't tell you how much we enjoyed this family while they were here. We had so much fun!

Chyann and her BFF walking up to the stage.

The girls all giddy with excitement as the rest of the students were seated. 

The school does a slide show of the kids and it's always a tear jerker. 
Chyann chose the picture of her and Colton's dog Lucky and everyone at the school loved it. 

Getting ready to get her diploma.

Actually getting her diploma.

 Graduated and walking out!
Love that smile!

Picture of the kids afterwards.

And that was it.

More to come later :)


Ami said...

Congratulations to the whole family... getting a kid to graduation takes the whole bunch of you and all your support.

you have a beautiful family. :)

(And Colton's girlfriend is totally adorable, too. )

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the graduation! And I love your dress. The style and the colour!

Spring peeper Farm

Nicole said...

So what are her next set of plans?