Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week in review

We attended our first track meet earlier this week. 
The school team did fantastic!
Caden was in four running relay events with other boys in his grade. 
He even did hurdles, which was awesome to watch.
An all important hand off of the baton.

Racing home!

The weather was freaking cold. I don't think I've been so frozen in a long time. 
It was only about 45* and the wind was howling. I swear it took me days to warm up. 

Then yesterday the Wheeler team played a double header, which they completely dominated. 
Winning the first game 8 to zero and the second game 25 to 1.
Zipping across home plate. 
Two boys on his team actually hit home runs over the fence!
Course now all the boys are jonesing to do that too. 

Waiting his turn, fiddling with his mouth guard.
 My boy faithfully wears his mouth guard when batting and in the field to protect his braces. A couple kids on the team have braces too, but don't wear a mouth guard, which is pretty dumb in my opinion. Gotta protect those teeth!

Little video of him hitting a double. 
Excuse the pole that got in my way. I was leaning back in my chair to get around that pole and right after I hit the stop recording button I flipped over backwards. It was a sight to see lol Good thing no one was behind me or I'd have clobbered them. 
I'm definitely getting to the game a little earlier on Monday so I can get a better spot.

Did you know this is the first year I have forgotten, yes forgotten and totally did not celebrate/remind everyone in the family of the fact that we moved from AK on the 21st?
I remembered yesterday and am floored I forgot that date. 
14 years we've been in the land of milk and honey now.

More track, baseball and awards banquets are on the books for this week. 
We are almost done with what we are going to do in the house before the graduation. Which is only 18 days from now. Then we'll be turning our attention to outside projects - mowing, flowers and all that. 
I am still attempting to secure chairs. Might end up having to rent some I suppose.

Anywho, happy Sunday to ya :)

1 comment:

Ami said...

If someone had been sitting behind you though, perhaps you would have landed in their lap... saving a little wear and tear on yourself. :)

Good pictures. Almost like being there except I didn't have to freeze my noonies off.

About that... one of the only things my husband and I argue about is spending money. When he wants ME to spend some and buy something for myself and the opposite, when I am trying to get him to do the same.

A few years ago, he got tired of me being cold when we were out and about and made me invest about 200 bucks in some really good outerwear, including some insulated pants and wool socks. GOOD wool socks, not the $4.99 Sprawlmart variety.

I had to admit he was right. And now when we have to be out in the cold for stuff, I don't freeze my ass off.

Don't make me send my husband to tell you what to do... now that it's getting warmer, things will be on sale anyway. Go. Buy the warm stuff!!!!