Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday AM coffee and an epiphany

You would think after being up till midnight last night I'd have slept a little past 6am today, but nope. My eyes popped open at 550a and much to my surprise saw frost on the ground outside. Not a good thing for all the blooming trees. 

Yesterday was cold. High temperature of a freezing 48*, mostly cloudy and windy.
We spent much of the day outside for baseball.
The first game was scheduled to start at 830a, but due to the cold overnight temps in the mid 30's they move the time back to 930a. 
Our boys moved like they were frozen and got behind early. Had a good rally in the last inning, but it wasn't enough to pull off the win. They lost 10 to 6, to a team they have beat seven times previously. 

The boys had an almost four hour gap until the next game so we piled in the van and went to a few early graduation parties. A mom of one of the seniors is going to loan us some fun props since their party is done. How nice is that?

Back to the field we went. 
The boys were fired up after their early morning loss and played to win their second game.
Unfortunately they couldn't maintain that momentum into their third game and lost big. 
Their first losses this season, which will motivate them for future games I'm sure. 

I am on vacation for the next ten days. Lots to do this week. 
From mowing, planting flowers, washing down walls - who keeps touching them?!?!, some baking, last minute shopping, picking up chairs/tables, and probably a million other things that I'm forgetting right at this moment. 

My Mother and Gerry will be arriving on Tuesday night. We are really looking forward to seeing them. I haven't seen them since I went to AK in Dec 2013 and for the rest of the family it's been about four years.  
Hard to believe we somehow let so much time pass between visits. Same thing with my Dad and Jeanne and even my brother and his family.

Everyone gets busy living their lives I suppose and while thinking about how none of us are getting any younger and how much I'd love to see all of them I had an epiphany.

The Hubby and I have been talking about how when Caden graduates we were going to sell the house and move further South. Get away from cold winters and snow.
This is when I realized I would be repeating the same cycle I have with my own family.
Never seeing them. 
Not participating in their life events because it's too expensive to travel. 
Never having Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or cousins to grow up around or learn from.
 When my kids get married and start their own families they wouldn't have a support system they could count on either. 
I don't want that for them.
I want to be involved in their lives - be able to enjoy these adult people we created on a regular basis not just for a few days every few years. 

So likely they'll be burying my ass right here in WI or wherever my kids are. 
(maybe they'll all want to move south tho)

That is all I've got for this day.

Epiphany = a sudden realization



tainterturtles said...

Good epiphany Kellie! I too have had thoughts of my hubby and I moving to another country to live, like Denmark or Sweden....but then I was like, wait, I'll never get to see our kids! I might consider moving to Minnesota where our kids live. For now I'm just content to stay in good old Wisconsin.

Wow Kellie, you sound super busy. Can't believe your baby girl will be graduating very soon. Brings back memories for me!

Nicole said...

My grandparents hated the Michigan winters so they moved to Missouri when my mom was 16 and my aunt was 13. Why did you pick Wisconsin?