Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF! - yadda yadda

YAY for Friday!

I can't quite get blogging done during the week yet.
Too tired, too everything at this point.
So, what follows are a few highlights:

Teacher conference for Caden on Monday night. That kid is smart! Lowest grade is a B+ in Reading.
Got him all signed up for Basketball. Thankfully no fund raiser to sell 60 bucks in chocolate bars this year.
(cuz I just ate the shit out of all that chocolate last year and basically should have just written a check for 60 bucks when we picked up the chocolate)
Chyann no longer has teacher conferences due to being in high school, but we did look up her grades and her lowest grade is an A- in Spanish. WHOOP WHOOP!!

We had some light flurries on Tuesday, Wednesday and some sleety slush on Thursday. YUCK.
No accumulation at this point, but I'm sure it's coming. Damn it sure feels cold out. Today got up to 40*. Isn't it funny how in the spring 40* feels warm, but now in the fall it's freaking freezing? That whole climitization thing I guess.

We are going to Fargo/Moorehead tomorrow AM. One of the Hubby's cousins' kid is getting married.
Surprised the shit out of me that he actually wanted to go. Chyann of course is thrilled with the prospect of seeing "family" not to mention the new outfit that was required since she claims not to have any nice clothes. The poor kid thinks she is family deprived and jumps at all chances to rub elbows with blood relatives (and shop). My Dad is in the process of moving to AZ and we almost were able to make it work that he met up with us in Fargo at the wedding, but unfortunately that didn't quite work. I am appointing Chyann the official photographer so lets hope she remembers to take the camera out and get some pictures. Colton is staying home to man the house and throw an early Birthday party for himself I'm sure. 21 Next week.

Have a good weekend :)


Dar said...

LOL a flash-back of family weddings and reunions..(.my little brother used to say he'd go to meet a girl...good grief, man. It's a 'fam i ly' affair!!!) I'm sure you will have fun and Chyann will remember to take pictures to help recall the evening. I would fear putting that responsibility on any of my kids.
I can relate with the Choc. bars. It would take me forever to get that 60 bucks worth off my hips.
So, 21 and happy to stay home to man the house........hmmm. Happy Birthday Colton. 21 is a milestone. Have fun~
Life is So Darned Good

Nicole said...

Sounds like both your kiddo's are smart!! Yeah, selling the candybars doesn't sound like much fun. So cool that she loves family though!