Monday, October 7, 2013

The wet and other blither blather

Here at our house we've gotten a little over three inches of rain since Friday.
Making a bit of a dent in our rain deficit. 

However we did have a nice break in the rain for Caden's football game on Saturday.
The field was so wet, those boys slipped and slid everywhere and loved it!
Caden's team tied and they other 5th grade team won. 

Talked the big kids into coming again. 

Some renegade kitties hanging out on the roof of the tack room.  

Another mild stretch of weather is forecast for this week. 
I've sure enjoyed being able to sit on the porch and read or soak up some sun. 
The leaf report says our county is at 80% of the peak color. 

This would be a great time to take a horse ride through the back trails and get some pictures of these beautiful trees. 

The Hubby is busy preparing for winter by cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking wood.

Check out how green the grass has gotten.
It was brown and dead not long ago.
I could probably mow right now if the Hubby hadn't put the lawn mower away.

Sounds like we are going to be having some company this weekend over Caden's Bday. 
Should be fun. 

Except that part about having to clean house that goes along with company coming.
Not that the house is terribly dirty, but it will require some extra attention.
Hope I've got the energy for entertaining and all that goes with it. 
I am feeling better - day by day, but still get tackled by exhaustion and strange pain occasionally that sends me to the couch/bed for a time.

Here's to a good week :)


tainterturtles said...

Your trees are beautiful, love the red leaves. How did those little kitties get on top of the roof? They are so cute.

Nicole said...

Chyann looked sooooo happy in that photo :)

Ami said...

::putting on stern mom face:::

Are you resting enough?
You DID just have major surgery...