Thursday, October 10, 2013

This and that

Did you ever notice all the good documentaries/movies come on at 10p?
The other night just as I was getting ready for bed the Hubby hollers and says the Eagles have a 3 hr documentary coming on. 
Of course I had to stay up and watch it. One of the benefits of being off work apparently is staying up on a week night till after 1a and not feeling bad about it.
Love the Eagles.

I drove the kids to school this morning because I needed to go to the store and get cup cake liners for Caden's class Birthday snack tomorrow and imagine my surprise to see thrift sale signs out and about. 
Spent a whopping 5.50 and got an arm load of goodies!
Nothing like a few unexpected thrift sales to brighten my day lol
Way back when I started going to thrift sales the big day was Saturday. Now the big sale day is Thursday. Why is that I wonder? Most folks work Thursdays and Fridays so you'd think there wouldn't be many folks out and about right? Yet somehow that is the case.

My lovely daughter emailed me some pictures taken with her ipod.
She takes some pretty nice pictures and I thought I'd share a few. 

Pretty cool picture of Jennifer, eh?

This one is taken from her seat on the school bus through the window.
That cloud line is incredible and if you are wondering if we have pyramids here in WI the answer is no.
Those pyramid objects are HUGE piles of silica sand the sand mine to the North of us has piled up ready for transport.
The bus actually drives through two different sand mines.

I unearthed the quilt I started making for Caden back in 2006 yesterday.
Can't believe I was so close to getting the top finished when I stopped working on it. 
Funny I had it spread out on the floor to pin down some stuff when Caden walks in and says "Hey where'd you get this cool twister game?" Not exactly a twister game, but I suppose the moon and stars on it could be mistaken for twister spots. No pictures because I totally spaced it out. Going to attempt to get sewing on it today.

Do you think stress has anything to do with your dreams?
Back when I was working I don't remember dreaming much, maybe a random dream here or there.
Since I've been off work I've been having the best vivid fun dreams and no I haven't been taking any funky RX to enable these dreams. 
I woke up and actually giggled this morning I was having such a strange/fun dream. 
Krissy and I were driving in her old brown dodge truck laughing like lunatics and hitting pot holes.  
And these dreams stick with me all day. 

Ok, I'm off.
Time to do a little sewing. 
Have a nice day.


Nicole said...

I think dreams are the most crazy things. I'm seriously wondering what causes them. Chyann has gotten some great photos there! And they still allow you to take homemade treats to the schools? Around here you can't because they're afraid of the crazy cookies.

Nikker said...

Chyann took some great pictures! Love the first two!
One of the best things about the gifts that Kase has received was a homemade baby quilt. I absolutely love the thought of someone caring enough to sit down and invest their time in a gift!
I think your emotional state does help dictate your dreams. But what do I know?? (0: