Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wood time

We had a good hard frost last night. 
Good thing the Hubby is always on top of the wood situation.
It's a pain in the ass for sure due to the hard labor required, but definitely worth it in terms of warmth and our pocketbook.

The boys were a big help.
Good thing too, because after I took all the sleepover boys home I crashed on the couch for hours while they worked. 
Only went out long enough to say HI and take a few pictures. 

We watched that old movie The Outsiders last night.
It's one of my all time favorite movies.
Caden has in mind to be a greaser for Halloween.
Easy enough costume. 

I had an unexpected email this morning from my step-brother Matthew. 
He is driving across the country this fall and wants to stop by for a few days to see us.
We haven't seen him in years, literally.

Last time I saw him was when Chyann had emergency surgery for an abdominal adhesion when she was two years old. 
She had just came out of the recovery room and was still mostly out of it when he comes in the hospital room.
Lot's of hugs and hey how are you going on.
She must have been curious who was there and sits up and said in the sweetest little voice "hello there".
Then lays back down and goes to sleep.
We were all freaked out that she sat up!
She just had major abdominal surgery!!
So we visited with Matt in the hospital for a few hours and he left.

I'm excited to see him. 
Crazy to think he is now about 37 years old.
In my minds eye he is still a lanky teenager with a lot of piercings.
Guess we'll see soon enough if he still has all that hardware on his face.


Aunt Krissy said...

That will be fun to have him there for a few day. make me tired thinking about all that hard work your men did. I think that I will go take a nap now!

Nikker said...

Nothing beats wood heat!
Hope you have a great visit!!

tainterturtles said...

Wow, how exciting that Matthew is coming to visit. You'll have to show him around Colfax and maybe take him to one of our apple orchards in the area! And don't forget the cheese factory...gotta treat him to cheese curds.

~mel said...

I hope the visit is fun and you get to catch up again. It sounds like it's really been awhile. Still no snow? Our's isn't melting off like I was hoping it would. I like the set up you have there for rolling the logs down to the splitter :) Anything to make that back breaking process go smoother!

Lisa said...

Love wood heat...hate the labour involved. We have all ours in now. Which is good. One less thing to worry about. It is cheaper on the pocketbook. If we didn't have wood, we'd be awfully cold...brrrr

Nicole said...

That's sooooo awesome that he contacted to see you though! Was Caden even born the last time you saw him? not sure how many years between him and Chyann.