Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday morning coffee

Burr it's chilly this morning.
It's just barely above freezing, but gorgeous out with clear blue sky's and not even a hint of a breeze - which is so nice since the wind has been just wild recently, ripping beautiful leaves off the trees. 

Caden turned the BIG 11 on Friday.
His golden Birthday.
It was spirit day on Friday, hence the red mow-hawk.
We had a nice little party for him with our friends that came to visit and then Colton took him to the homecoming game.

Yesterday was his last Saturday football game.
They played the 6th graders again and lost, but had fun anyhow. 

Caden is going for a touchdown in this picture. 
He is on the far right in the yellow penny, black pants with the white stripe down the  leg.
No idea how to draw an arrow pointing to him lol

After the game the boys thought it was pretty cool to get to carry the couch used for homecoming off the field. 


I'm going back to work on Monday.
I think I'm ready.
Feeling pretty good.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.
I can only imagine how many emails are awaiting me, but I'm guessing approximately 350.
Might be more though since it's now the busy time of year for the company.

With the exception of feeling like crap for a good chunk of the time I was off, I sure enjoyed spending time with the kids, zoning out watching movies and getting back into sewing. 

A few more milestones to reach in recovery, but everyday I'm a step closer to being back to "normal", whatever that is.


I feel like doing some baking today.
Think I'm going to make apple praline bread and some potato soup because what says it's a cool October day better than a hearty bowl of soup with a hunk of crusty bread.  

Later :)


Ami said...

Hope getting back to work goes smoothly and that you rest when you're supposed to!!!

tainterturtles said...

Good luck tomorrow...just take a deep breath and take it slow. 350 emails? Yikes. You'll be ok.

Nicole said...

I'll bug you with useless information. If you go to you can use their free stuff and add an arrow, but only if you want :)

I found him though with your description!!

Nicole said...

btw, happy late birthday to Caden!!

Nikker said...

Fingers crossed that your return to work is uneventful and less over whelming that you expect!!

Happy Birthday Caden!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Well? How many e-mails did you have? How was the first few days?

Aunt Krissy said...

well how many e-mails did you have? How was the first few days?