Friday, October 4, 2013

Random stuff

Not much new going on here. 
I'm feeling better, less advil and soreness.
A little more energy everyday. 

I've been laying low watching TV - We've got a free trial thing for HBO and I've rediscovered BIG LOVE!
And of course I've been doing the usual web surfing.
Was dinking around on Facebook this morning and randomly punched in a gal's name that I went to school with in 4th - 6th grade and waddaya know she popped right up!
I'd know her smile anywhere. We used to hang out in her basement listening to DEVO's Whip it and dance like only young girls can - with utter abandon. 
I remember her dad would eat bowls of cut up green apples smothered in crunchy peanut butter.
No I didn't send a friend request thing. 
Not sure why.

Speaking of friends I talked to the lovely Krissy yesterday.
She is doing well, back in the bosom of kith and kin.
(I always wanted to write that lol)

Autumn like cooler temps have arrived and we've been getting some rain too.
A little over an inch along with some thunder/lighting and a power outage.
We sure need the moisture and it looks like we'll be getting a few more inches before the weekend is over. 
Caden's football practice was even cancelled. 

Check out the creepy spider Caden found the other day.
Now if that isn't just the type of spider that gives me the whillies!

Colton is coming home this afternoon. 
School is challenging for him this semester, but he's getting it done. 
He'll be spending a second Birthday away from home this year. 
21 on the 31st. 
Caden's golden Birthday is a week from today. 
11 on the 11th.
Not to mention my nephew will be 22 on the 23rd and niece will be 19 on the 28th.
Lot's of October birthdays on my side of the family.

Chyann is gearing up for homecoming next week with a different themed outfit for each day and the game next Friday night will feature the band putting on some sort of a show during halftime. 
I'm excited to see what they've put together. 

I miss my Mother.
This would be a good time to play endless games of Scrabble. 

I want a hair cut too.
Think I need some bangs to cover up that forehead lol

Anywho, I suppose I should shower and clean up - I stink, before Colton gets here.
All this laying around is hard work you know.
Have a good one.


SunnySD said...

Now that is a Halloween spider if I ever saw one - looks like it's trying to be a pumpkin! LOL!

Glad you're on the mend :)

Nikker said...

Yikes, I thought that spider was a tick at first!
I occasionally look people up on facebook and remember "good times" and move on without sending a friends request... (0:

Ami said...

Well, I think the spider is interesting. I relocated a garden spider at work today, it had built a web on the swings and the kids were FREAKING OUT. I said, "Let's move her over here so she can build a website in a safer place."

Glad you're recovering.

As for FB.. love it and hate it at the same time.

Nicole said...

Oh yey, someone else knows about golden birthday's. Some people look at me like I'm crazy! So how did your mom wind up in OK and you're up north?