Saturday, November 2, 2013

A whirlwind week

Happy November!

Last Saturdays wedding was fantastic.
Wish I'd have known it was outdoors though, definitely wouldn't have had bare legs in the barely 40* weather and the light breeze - BURRRR!
The venue was a place called Rustic Oaks and it really was beautiful.

The reception was held in beautiful barn.
The high ceilings messed with my little cameras settings, resulting in some funky lighted or washed out pictures.
It was so nice to see the Hubby's family at an event other than a funeral.

Aunt Carrie, Great Uncle Tom, me and the fam, Cousin Judy.
Uncle Tom was like a Dad to the Hubby while growing up and his family didn't tell him that we were going to be at the wedding. He was thrilled to see the Hubby! Was very sweet.

Cousin Julie and her two girls, Morgan and Maggie. Aunt Carrie (the Hubby's sister), Aunt Judy, Uncle Toms wife. i've got to get a hair cut.

I love this picture of the 2nd cousins hanging out.

After the wedding dinner they cleared out some tables and the dance began.
Absolutely tickled me that Chyann and Caden got out there to dance.

The Hubby even cut a rug with the bride. 

Of course we shut the place down.
Went back to the hotel and ordered pizza and were up until the wee hours.

Next day we all got up relatively early, considering how late we'd stayed up.
The kids swam and played mini-golf. 
We hung around talking and catching up on life. 
Definitely wasn't ready to check out and head back home.

The drive to and fro was uneventful however I was tense the whole time seeing as the roadsides were full of deer carcasses. Gruesome. 

Spent a few days catching up on lost sleep.

 My baby turned 21 too!
Night before his Birthday he went to a place called the Brickhouse to see Todd Sucherman of the band STYX put on a Pearl Drums Clinic.

Is this not just the best picture of Colton ever taken?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
He looks so incredibly happy!
Makes me melt a little to see him looking like that.

Colton had a good 21st Birthday and said bar hopping was really not all it was cracked up to be.
Good. Keep thinking like that.

Yes, it was our anniversary too - 22 years and we did what we always do on Halloween.
We went trick or treating.
This years bunch of candy getters.


Surprise surprise!
Look who rolled in late last night - 
Amazing to see him after so long.
He sure looks a lot like his Dad. Even has some of the same mannerisms.

Caden showing him his knife collection.
Matt was suitably impressed :)

Matt will be with us through the weekend.
Not sure what all we will do.
Except guess what?!?!
I saw my doc yesterday and have been released to ride horses!
Not do major exercise yet, but that will be soon!
YAY I'm really on the mend and fingers crossed will be back to "normal" soonly :)


Nicole said...

Oh goodness, an outdoor wedding, seems a little gutsy this time of year but totally love it! Super awesome you got to see the family! Your anniversary and Colton's birthday are right around Halloween? Yeah I was the sober person on my 21st birthday... so maybe that's a good sign he'll stay more that way :). Have a GREAT weekend! I really need to write my paper that I"m dragging my feet about. It's due at 6pm tonight.

Dar said...

Family weddings, especially, create some amazing memories. I love that it was held outside and then a barn dance reception. How cool is that.
Your family is wonderful and love that the cousins hang out like siblings. You're blessed.
Life is so darned good

Aunt Krissy said...

happy 22 to you both! Does Cal want a 2nd wife yet so that you can have a sister wife and we can can and garden together?
Missing you lots!
Down to ENA today to see Rose/Bill

Ami said...

Hooray! You're definitely feeling better then!!

You don't need a haircut, your hair is beautiful.

And so is your family. You all look so happy.

And happy anniversary to you, too!! I didn't know it was your anniversary the day before mine!

Nikker said...

Yeeehaa, you can ride again!! Glad that you're over that hurdle!!
Happy belated anniversary!
That's one happy guy in that picture, what a great smile!
Love the Oscar the Grouch shirt your brother (?) is!!

tainterturtles said...

Wow, so cool that you went to a wedding too! Also, I didn't realize your wedding anniversary was so close to mine...amazing Kellie.

Your barn wedding looked just like our's and yes, it was so cold when the sun went down. There was no music or band after the reception, so everyone just went home. So glad you got to see the family.

Yippee, now you can go back to riding. Hope your feeling ok. Stop by to see me sometime.

~mel said...

So nice to have a wedding ~ a happy family gathering! Unfortunately, so many family gathering are at funerals like you mentioned. Thumbs up on being able to ride again!