Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stepping up

Found some cutie out in the barn this morning.

Yesterdays exercise class wasn't the boot camp, but a step class (no push ups at all - yay).
About 20 minutes into it I had no idea how'd I'd make it another 40 minutes.
Somehow I did though and actually felt like a million bucks afterwards.
Thrilled that I made it through the class somehow my mouth said I'd do a kettle ball class tomorrow.
What was I thinking?!?
Moving today is pure agony.

Funny story for ya.

After the exercise class I knew if I stopped moving I'd be hurting so I kept busy weeding the garden, hanging laundry out, and cleaning.
About 5ish Chyann says lets go ride. 
Great I'm in, but have to change quick.

My closet is a mess.
I've got a thing for pants and have them stacked on the floor.
 The other day I was hunting for a particular pair and tore the place up looking for them. 
I grabbed the first pair of Levis I saw and put them on.
Turned out this was a pair of pants I'd gotten in 1996 - no idea why I remember that, but I do.
Vintage 501's with the button fly and red tab.

Now I'm thinking - This exercise thing must already be working cuz I shimmied right into them.
Yes they were tight and I definitely filled them out as I never had before and they felt weird because of the high waist, but I kind of liked that high waist - less junk hanging over the top.

I was marveling to myself that I could still wear these pants when I bent over to pick up my shoes and ripped the ass right out of them!

Perfect right?!

Anywho, we had a fun ride. 
Forgot the camera again though.

Have a good day :)


Ami said...

LOLOL... I can sympathize.

the pants I wore back in the early 80's might go around one thigh today. ;)

SunnySD said...

LOL! I think I have a few pairs of those - at least the hind end came out at home rather than on the ride :)

Thanks for stopping by to check in - I'll be back posting in a day or so, I think. No motivation lately...
And those kittens are just WAY too cute!

tainterturtles said...

Those are beautiful kitties. Looks like part Maine Coon! Can't wait to see what they look like when they get older.

Nicole said...

Don't worry, I did that with a pair of jeans at a horse show. I made my dad go out to the trailer with me where I luckily brought myself an extra pair of jeans, but I had to jump off the horse so fast I made dad come hold him for me :). So you're in good company :)