Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Morning coffee

Someone must have been eating and slopped some sticky shit all over the keyboard.
Who does that!
Ran up to my office and got some keyboard cleaning stuff, much better.

Another week flew by.

The highlight of my week was taking the day off to take Chyann to get her braces off. 
With all the polishing and making of the retainers it took hours and two separate appointments.

This is the first time she saw herself.
Made me all teary.

Then of course she wouldn't hold still for me to get a picture.
So I snuck up on her when she was brushing and admiring them in the mirror.

While waiting for the retainers to be made we went and got her a hair cut.
She got bangs and a lot of layers cut into it.
Her hair looks fantastic!

She emailed me this before and after picture yesterday.
Definitely worth the amount of a small car that we paid for the braces.
I can't stop staring at her teeth. They are so beautiful.

My tomato's are really starting to ripen in the garden.
Not a lot of peppers sweet or hot though. 
I'll have to buy some from Klingers when it comes time to make salsa.

Hauled my ass home from the fitness center this AM and had the BEST tomato sandwich ever.
Lightly toasted wheat, little mayo, lots of mustard, onion, swiss cheese and thickly sliced tomato's with tons of pepper and of course a side of my sweet and hot pickles. 
Breakfast of champions if I do say so my self.
Yes I'm still into the exercise classes and really enjoying them.
Still feel like I'll never make it through, but somehow I do.

Busy weekend ahead with all the cleaning, packing and getting ready for our departure on Tuesday.
Colton is staying home and finishing out his last week of work.
He'll have one week of freedom to do whatever before he heads back to School on the 2nd or 3rd of Sept. 
I'm thinking about borrowing his GPS for the trip - we're old fashioned map folks and have never used one before, but I think it'll be helpful to navigate the big cities.

The class rosters were posted this week for Caden. 
He has a teacher that Colton also had when he was in grade school.
She wasn't the best fit for Colton, but I'm going into it with an open mind and hoping Caden does well with her.
Caden is stoked thought that his best buddy and the girl he has a crush on are in the same class too.

Been doing a little putzing around on the horses as well.
It's been fun. 
No big trips recently though.
However tomorrow we are taking one of Chyann's friends out on a ride so that should be interesting.
I always worry when her friends come along. 
You just never know exactly what kind of experience they have and how they'll react if something goes sideways. 

Have a wonderful Saturday :)


Anonymous said...
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Ami said...

I remember having two kids in braces at the same time.. NO insurance coverage for them. My entire paycheck for three years went into their mouths. (I don't make a lot of money as a professional babysitter).

She looks great, and best part is that her teeth won't bother her, no bite or jaw problems down the line. :)

Nikker said...

I love Chyann's hair! What a great cut to go with her "new" teeth! (0: Seems like a win/win for the start of her school year!
Fingers crossed everything works out for Caden's year with the "teacher".

tainterturtles said...

Chyann is beautiful!!! I love her new haircut and her smile is amazing. Awwwh mom, your little girl is growing up!

Nicole said...

Awe, her teeth look amazing. Yeah it sucks to have braces but the end result is sooooo worth it!