Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I don't even know where to begin.


Lot's of shit going on. Most of it un-publishable for numerous reasons.

Although I will say that tomorrow Chyann gets her braces off.
I think I have been more excited for this event than she.
It's been 19 months of mouth hell.
The orthodontist says she has the best oral hygiene he's ever seen.
All his patients could take a lesson from her.
Before and after pictures to come.

A week from today I'll be hugging my Mother tight in OK.
Can't wait to see her and Gerry.
Hope it's not too freaking hot, but really I don't give a shit - I'll be with my Mother.
No plans to do anything really.
Hang out on her porch, drink some wine and possibly play some Scrabble.
No higher expectations than that.
I'll whip up some of my finally perfected gravy though for sure.
Caden and Chyann have plans to go fishing with Grandpa daily if possible
Chyann is bummed they no longer have horses.
Although it is rumored that Grandpa sold Sunny to the Vet and the vet will let her ride him while she is visiting. Guess we'll see on that.
See some relatives of my Dad's in KS on the way down hopefully.
It's almost vacation time and I can't wait.

So I got this Kindle for Christmas.
I used it to mostly to listen to music on until recently when someone told me about this show called Supernatural.
I'd never heard of it before which is odd considering it is going to be starting it's eighth season this October.
I watch it during work.
Yeah I know that sounds odd, but there ya go.
If you like spooky books, horror movies and the like this could be the show for you.
I love it.

If you are up for a good book try anything by Karin Slaughter. I just finished her most recent book called Unseen. Enjoyed it. Start from the beginning of the series if you've never read her before.

Rode Gypsy out with Chyann tonight. We had fun. Should have brought my camera and got Chyann on film riding bareback at a gallop with her arms out wide (picture the boy from the black stallion riding on the beach). It was amazing. That girl I tell you. She is amazing.

Have you noticed how dark it is in the mornings now? I get up at 5a and it is pitch black out. Autumn is coming.

Another week of exercise classes at the gym in town. Feeling triumphant. Feeling good.

Sweet dreams, I'm off.

Miss you Kristina xoxo

PS - tried my sweet and hot pickles tonight and they are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see pictures.

Nicole said...

So glad you're going on vacation. Toooo bad you weren't going through my portion of the country... I'd have to meet you!