Friday, August 30, 2013

Blither blather and a fish tale

We got a little rain here overnight.
A fresh cool breeze is coming in through the windows and it's beautiful out.
Wont last for long though since it's going to be about 90* today.
That's alright I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts since the snow will be here soon.

Chyann had her first drive time yesterday - here in WI the kids have to have something like 20 behind the wheel hours with a driving instructor before they can get their license at 16.
She and a friend were able to do their first drive time together. 
One kid drives for an hour and the other observes from the back seat then they switch positions - with an instructor in the front the whole time of course.
Yesterday went well and she came home feeling good about her driving skills.

Caden wanted to go fishing with Grandpa while we were in Oklahoma.
My Great Aunt Margie has two ponds that are stocked with catfish so they went out to her place.
She has hundreds of acres that she raises beef cattle on.
Unfortunately the guys didn't catch any, was probably too hot for them to be biting.

The next morning they went out earlier and just across the road to a neighbors place and caught these beauties.
I don't know what the three bigger ones are, but the smallest is a blue gill.

Caden and Grandpa cleaned them and the Hubby cooked them up for dinner.
Caden loved eating the fish he caught.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Look like Walleye! Love them.
glad you had a great trip.

Nicole said...

ewwwww Driver's Ed type stuff. So glad I never had to do that! How cool Caden got to eat his own fish he caught!