Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin carving and other stuff

Random horse picture,
just because.
Scotch and Casper getting all the good bits in the wheel barrel.

Last Sunday we carved the pumpkins.

My favorite paring knife, that Caden is using in this picture got broken and thrown away.
Come to find out it's a Kershaw and can be replaced - if we can find it.
A cursory dig through the recycling has not found it so that means someone special, me, gets to go through the regular trash to find it. Yuck.

Chyann and her master piece.


His girlfriend carved too.

We roasted all the seeds and they are going fast since everyone loves them.
Might have to carve a few more pumpkins so the kids can get their fill of seeds.

What else is new?

Caden will be the big 10 on Thursday.
He is planning a sleepover Friday night with six boys.
Too bad it supposed to rain and be cold.
It would be nice to put the tent up for them to sleep in and do a bonfire.
As it is, all fun will be limited to how much noise I can handle in the house.

The antibiotics for my sinus infection are gone, but I still feel a heaviness in my sinus area.
Not quite the roll of quarters I felt before, but definitely pressure yet.
May call and see if I can get some more drugs before it's back in full force.

Kind of fell off the whole exercising wagon after the 5K was done (allergies and sinus infection didn't help either).
Back into doing a 30 min exercise DVD over lunch for strength/cardio and 30 min of elliptical after work.
It's amazing how much better I feel when I exercise.

43 more days until I see my Mother and Gerry!

A friend gave me a fantastic recipe for Pineapple Slush
12 oz can of cream of coconut (not milk)
2 cups white rum
46 oz can pineapple juice
6 oz can frozen lemonade

Mix in a big bowl/pail, put in freezer and stir occasionally.
To serve use 3/4 slush and 1/4 sprite

That's all for now.
Have a good night :)


tainterturtles said...

Wow, that pineapple slush sounds wonderful....a must try!

When our kids still lived at home, we use to carve pumpkins too. Kind of miss that tradition.

By the way, Colton's girlfriend is so pretty! How fun that they come home to visit.

Nicole said...

Awe I love that you carve pumpkins as a family! :). And invite the girlfriend too. I once was the girlfriend who was invited to carve pumpkins with the boyfriends family. So nice!

Lisa said...

How do you toast your seeds? I never have any luck.

We usually wait till a week before Halloween before carving. They get too mushy in the heat.

Nikker said...

I love your pony! You don't need a reason to post a picture of him! (0:
The pumpkin carving looks like fun, maybe I should try and get Chad to carve one with me...
Mmmm....Pineapple Slush....mmmm....

Kellie said...

For the seeds all we do is wash them and make sure there is no gunky pumpkin guts left on them. Put them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with however much salt you like in a 350* oven, stiring the seeds often until dry and crispy.