Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well, hmmmm.

It was beautiful here earlier in the week.

I looked out my office window to see Chyann walking up to the bus stop (caden is already there, he will NOT wait till the last minute to head out) and saw the most gorgeous sunrise.

Looking to the West.

To the East.

And back to the West.

Yesterday was crazy humid - very sticky, quite unusual for this time of year.

Early this morning a front rolled through that brought some very spectacular thunder and lightning displays as well as pouring rain.

A few communities lost power and had some serious wind damage from straight line winds that registered over 70 mph. Those winds managed to blow over houses/barns/trees/silos.

All afternoon it's been rainy and windy with temperatures continuing to drop.
The low tonight is going to be about 25* - brrrr.
I'm not ready for winter.

Earlier in the week was teacher conferences.
Caden and Chyann are both doing wonderfully in school.

We signed Caden up for basketball too.
For whatever reason the boys have to sell candy bars as a fundraiser for the organization.

We came home with a little suitcase of 60 candy bars.

They are a buck each.
Milk chocolate, milk chocolate/caramel, milk chocolate/almond, dark chocolate/almond and milk chocolate/crispy rice.

I owe eight bucks already.

They Hubby said he should just write a check for 60 bucks and be done with it LOL

The kids are off from school tomorrow, their first in-service day.
Lucky them, a three day weekend.

That sinus infection I had a few weeks ago?
I had called the doc after I was finished with the meds to see if I could get a refill.
Answer to that was nope, come back in.

So, of course I didn't and am paying for it now.
Rotten unresolved sinus infection and now bacterial laryngitis. 
Lot's of infectious shit in my head and about the worst breath ever.
Damn it.

 Some could say I'm ready for Halloween early:
hair that hasn't been combed in days
pasty white scary skin
deep dark circles around the eyes
breath that would peal paint from walls
holey sweatpants
sloppy shirt
thick socks and flip flops
oh well, I will survive.

Take it easy.


Ami said...

Lovely photos... taken and written by what, a ghoul?


Feel better.

Nicole said...

holy cow, that's a sunrise? It looks like a sunset. Still beautiful either way! And if those are the same candybars we have around here, yup, they're good!

tainterturtles said...

That 70 degree weather was really freaky!

I sure hope you feel better. My sinuses have been giving me problems too. Need to start using my nasal cleaner twice a day!!!