Thursday, October 18, 2012

That wet wedding

Saturday after we packed up six tired boys and drove them home I took a well deserved nap.

Upon waking I, if I don't say so myself, did the most gorgeous up-do hair style to ever grace this head (with the exception of that one time my sister-in law did it for me).
I had hair to die for - pulled back off my face and fluffy/curly as hell in the back
This obviously doesn't happen often, as Chyann even said how great it looked.

The outdoor wedding was for the daughter of some of our close friends, although we don't know her well.


It was misting when we arrived at the pond, about a quarter mile from the main house and decided to stay in the van until the wedding chariot (local drunk bus) delivered the wedding party to the ceremony area because do you think I ever replaced that ONE umbrella we owned? Nope, I sure did not, because really how often would I use it? lol

When the drunk bus arrived loaded with the wedding party we dried off our seats and waited for them to disembark, hence the excited expressions pictured below.

Most folks actually stood around the outside of the seating area with their umbrellas. 

Just as the wedding party began making their way out of the bus to line up on either side of the alter it literally began to pour.
(I've heard it's good luck when it rains at your wedding and if that's the case this couple with be doubly blessed)

The ladies all kept their umbrellas and the guys got wet. 
There were seven attendants for each.
Pretty big wedding eh?

 Most of my pictures didn't turn out well, so I wont bore you with the really bad pictures.  

The generator that powered the sound system for the music and vows also quit due to the rain.
After that everything kind of fast forwarded and I heard some shouted I DO'S, then the wedding was done.

Best picture of the bride, can't see the groom though. He was in front of that person dressed in black.

The wedding party loaded up and headed back to the house while the rest of us scurried to our vehicles.

Long line of cars on the way to the reception venue, which thankfully was only about ten miles from home. 

Do you think we went home so I could fix my hair?
 Oh no.
 After about nine coats of hair spray the only thing that was going to "fix" my hair was a shower and three shampoos.

 I ever so gently tried to re-fluff my wet hair so that when it dried it wouldn't look like I slept on wet hair. 
In the end it didn't look too terrible.
Just NOT fabulous like it did. 

I'm guessing there were 300 folks at the reception and at every place setting there was a lottery scratch off card. 
Caden won six bucks! 

The food was fantastic.
 Interestingly enough Chyann's BFF's step-dad is the head chef where the reception was held and she said he never cooks at home cuz he does every day. lol
I'm totally craving the cucumber/ranch/dill dressing that he made.
 Guess it is his special recipe.
 Fingers crossed I can get it from him, because I've been googling and trying different recipes all week and nothing has even come close to his.

Caden singing I'm sexy and I know it when the wedding party danced in.  

Chyann and I with the Mother of the Bride and our neighbor, plus her sister.

A guy from Key West was attempting to hump/give bunny ears to the Hubby, which is what prompted the opened mouthed laughing.

Also there was a lady from Hollywood at the wedding.
I have no idea who she was, but I will tell you she was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. 
Perfect in every way, like she just walked off a movie set.

We danced and drank till the wee hours of the am.
At which point we were driven home by my personal driver of course. 

I was up at the butt crack of dawn to feed the animals and wash my crusty hair.

No one else managed to rise until noonish. 
At which time it was discovered that Caden had a fever of 102*.
Which climbed to almost 103* accompanied by vomiting.

Poor kid missed three days of school.
Guess this wont be the year of 100% attendance. 
Glad he is feeling better though.
That is one positive thing I can say about working from home, I can work and keep an eye on any sickies that may need it. 

In conclusion: Best wedding I've been to in a long while, even though it was wet.

Nighty, nite :)


Pamila said...

That's one of the funniest post yet

tainterturtles said...

Wow, what a wedding....sounds like you all had fun.

Sorry to hear about Caden's flu. 103 temp is really high....poor kid!

Nicole said...

wow, what a wedding. Strange though that they didn't have a tent or something for just in case, but still kinda cool. Very improv :).

Anonymous said...

That sounds like it was hoot.

Nikker said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. (0: Sure wish you'd have gotten a picture of your perfect hair! (0:
Too bad the kiddo got sick!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,you told me about the wedding,But it was much better with pictures.keep up the blog I think the pictures made the happening better.I love you,Mom