Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend news

Yesterday was incredible.
Blue sky's and warm.

I worked 9.5 hours of OT then went out to enjoy the what was left of the day.
While picking up the clothes pins that were scattered when my pin bag was blown off the clothes line I noticed an interesting thing.

Way back when Colton was young he loved to build model's.
He had a special affinity for airplane models.
Course as he grew up he lost interest in them and they mostly were shuttled to the basement or to Caden's room (which just so happens to be the dumping ground for anything either of the two older ones don't want anymore). 

However, the one below was to be thrown away for some reason.
 The Hubby rescued it from the trash and mounted it on my clothes line. 
As kind of a fun novelty thing, since he loves airplanes too.

Anyhow back to my story

I looked up and saw something weird about the plane.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that a bird sometime over the summer made a nest in it.

 The fuselage from rear to front is packed with branches, feathers, horse hair and even some ribbon.
(note in the bottom left of this picture a spot of orange)

The little twigs and sticks are even poking out the cockpit windows.

Pretty cool that the side door still opens eh?

And that spot of orange?
Chyann laying on Jenny.

Because this is so much more fun than cleaning up the porch like she was supposed to be doing.

We did end up going for a short ride just before twilight. 
Which was the absolute highlight of my day.

Caden cruised around on his motorcycle for hours. 
He has gotten brave enough to ride around the corn field next door on his own and since a lot of the weeds have died back it's easier riding for him.

Not much on the agenda for today.

I should go up and work for a few hours since the OT is available.

It's going to be another beautiful day. 
In fact all this next week we are going to be in the upper 60's and low 70's, wonderful weather for mid-October.

 I appear to be loosing my voice again. 
Why? I'm not sure, but twice in one year and never before this year? 

Teacher conferences are coming up too.
Along with that is basketball sign up for Caden.

I'm off.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Wwhat a cool weekend so far! Hope today follows along those same lines :)


Ami said...

How cool that a bird built a nest in there! Love all the photos, and it's sweet that your girl loves her horse like that... patient horse, too. If someone were lying on my while I tried to eat, I might be a little pissy.

Do you have reflux? Take antacids on a regular basis?

I lost my voice for seven weeks about a year ago, turned out my vocal cords were severely acid burned. I had no pain, no other symptoms.. just no voice. My antacids weren't strong enough. Occasionally even now I have an attack at night, but it's rare.

Ami said...

That should be 'lying on ME' but I am sure you figured that out. Drives me bugshit to leave typos.

Nikker said...

That birds nest is petty interesting! (0:
Glad you got to go out and enjoy the afternoon on the horses with your daughter... Raining here, afraid it's going to turn to snow! Ugh!!

Nicole said...

Um... I agree with Chyann, riding the horse is way more fun that cleaning the porch :)

Anonymous said...

That airplane is really something.Hope you shut the door.Hope the bird comes back,It should be used to you hanging up clothes.I love you,and glad Canden is feeling better.looking forward to seeing you

nnnn in CO said...

Love the "Bird House"!!