Sunday, October 28, 2012

The doppelganger and more

Last Monday morning Colton was going to go back to River Falls for school.

He was packing up the car and giving it a pre-flight check (checking the tires/oil, ect).

When he hears this terrible meowing coming from the wood pile.

He goes to investigate and finds trapped in the wood one of our barn cats Jinxie.

Colton moves all the wood around so he can get the cat and brings her to the house.
I was working and told him to leave her in the entry way.

He leaves and I go back to work.

I can hear her yowling all the way upstairs and since I'm getting ready to get on a conference call I decided to run her out to the barn.

Before I take her out though I check her over for injuries that would explain why she was still yowling and making a fuss. I find nothing, but think maybe it's cuz she's never really been in the house and want's her Mama.

Fast run to the barn to drop her off - no Mama or sibling kittens around.

After my call I have break and put the dogs out. 

Casey can't get up the stairs so I have to go out and lift her up the stairs to let her back in the house. While doing that I hear Jinxie just yowling from the barn.

 I go get her and re-check her out for injuries. 
Still nothing visible, so I bring her back in the house thinking something else must be going on.

A little back story on Jinxie real quick.

Chyann got Cairo, pictured below, when she had her leg lengthening surgery and ended up giving her to Caden since he wanted a cat. 

To make a real long story short,
Cairo ended up being an outside barn cat.

In July she had kittens.
One of those kittens is Jinxie.


I went back in the house with Jinxie and put her on the floor thinking I'd watch her walk around to see if I could discover what was making her yowl so much, when I just happened to look out the window towards the back yard and do a double take because much to my surprise I see Cairo and Jinxie playing in the garden!

Who is this cat and where did she come from?
No wonder she was yowling so much tho!
Scared, new place and really is just a baby.

New kitten, who has been named Pumpkin Pie on the left and Jinxie on the right.

See why both Colton and I thought it was Jinxie? 

Pumpkin pie is a doppelganger for Jinxie.
Other than being a bit smaller, the only difference between them is that it appears Pumpkin pie will have a longer coat than Jinxie.

Jinxie looks like she is saying who's your Daddy? or where'd you come from?

We have never discovered where Pumpkin pie came from.
We are quite a bit off the road so if someone dropped her off, I don't know that she'd have made it here.
The neighbors the the west and east of us don't have cats.
Did Cairo find her and thinking it was her baby bring her home?
If that was the case how'd she get in the wood pile?

It's a mystery for sure.

I actually woke up this morning feeling almost normal/good and don't sound so much like a frog anymore. 
Sick of being sick.

The field next door was harvested yesterday!
Chyann is excited to go ride there today. 

Colton's 20th Birthday is on Wednesday.
First Birthday he wont be home for.

Speaking of Birthday's, today is my niece Amanda's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Amanda!

I'm going to go bake something.
Maybe some cinnamon rolls.

Happy Sunday to you.


tainterturtles said...

I can't believe your mistaken kitty scenario! My friend Joan has lots of barn cats, and frankly, I can't tell any of them apart because most of her cats are black!

Colton will be 20? Wow, I still think of him as 18!!!

Ami said...

You're an inspiration. Yes, you are. I am now pondering baking cinnamon rolls.

That is so weird about the cat! They do look alike! Wow.

I lived out in the country for awhile many years ago and it amazed me that people would come out and dump animals.

Cats and puppies and once a bum lamb. The lamb we bottle fed for a few days, but it died.

I think the worst areas of hell are reserved for people who could and would dump a living creature.

Nicole said...

Awe, such cute kitties and now you have two just alike :) You can send one my way ;)

SunnySD said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Cats are amazing, aren't they? Sounds like Pumpkin Pie managed to find a good home :)

nnnn in CO said...

Love the cat story!! Wow Coltons going to be 20 - Taylor turns 20 the 17th of Nov - doubt she will be home until Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So has Krissy dropped off the face of the earth?!