Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Incredible 10!

It's double digits for Caden from now on!

Friday he had six friends stay the night. 
There were no fights or pouting, but we did have a few interesting moments.
Like when two boys, while holding onto each others arms, kicked the other in the family jewels!
Both went down.
I'm not sure what exactly they thought was going to be the outcome in that situation, other than both of them squirming on the floor trying not to cry. hmm. 

Or when at 530am one boy decided to chase a cat and trampled all the other boys that were laying on the floor, waking them all up and none when back to sleep.
It was a good thing their football game was cancelled due to the rain because all of them were exhausted and ready for a nap when we took them home at 11a.

Below are a few pictures of the fun and we really did have a good time.

He's got the best smile.

Colton and the girlfriend.


The reflection off the plastic made a  creepy looking mustache on her. 

and me. 
How do you like my new glasses?
I don't care for them much.
It's never a good idea to select your new glasses, that you will usually have for a minimum of a year, after having just had your eyes dilated.
Things are not quite what they seem.
For instance I was sure the frames were black. Just a basic color that will go with anything, but no.
Imagine my surprise when I got them and the frames were purple.

And I know I ordered the anti-glare coating for the lenses, but every damn picture of me with these glasses on there is some kind of glare and with the glare the lens kinda distorts my eye, making it look all squinty.

I don't take the best pictures anyhow and with this glare/squinty thing going on all are doomed to be ones I'd rather delete than keep. 

Maybe if I had a fancy picture editing program I could figure out how to get rid of the glare and take care of one problem, but I don't.


Yesterday we went to an outdoor wedding.
I mentioned that the football game was cancelled due to rain, well the outdoor wedding wasn't.
I'll save that wet experience for another post.

Enjoy your Sunday :) 


Ami said...

I like your glasses, actually. I don't think you should feel bad about them at all.

10 years old.. double digits. Gonna be awhile before he reaches three digits, tell him to enjoy it while it lasts.

One of 'my' kids is turning 10 today. She was really, really excited.

And as for the nut kicking thing? What the hell IS it with boys??? Some of my kids do it, too. Most of the time I catch them before they connect, and they've actually figured out that it's NOT okay in our program to do it, but they still TRY! WTF????

tainterturtles said...

Oh Kellie, I love your glasses. I got new reading glasses last spring and my frames are purple/rose color. Give it time, I think you will like the new color.

Anonymous said...

Kellie!! they are great! the ones I got last spring are similar, more rectangular shaped, but purple frames...

nice to see pics of all you guys, except Cal of course.. maybe we'll see him at Christmas!!

take care..

Kellie said...

Rose! Major teaser there! Christmas?? Would love to see you and Bill anytime of the year :)

Nikker said...

Happy belated birthday to your son! (0:
We finally got some rain, and I am GLAD, (fingers crossed no snow for a while longer...)But kid less so no fall activities to be they make up games or is it just scratched for the season?
Can't wait to read/see about the wedding.

Anonymous said...

You are right, that lil man does have the best smile 8+)