Saturday, July 4, 2015

The 4th

Happy 4th of July!

I had yesterday off from work and spent the day weeding both gardens and mowing. 
Made for a long day, but the place sure looks nice now. 

While weeding the small garden I saw a snake and it about gave me a heart attack!
It slithered just a few inches from my hand. 
Caden saw one too when he was sweeping the lawn and I came across two different snake skins in the big garden which totally creeped me out - shudder...
Seems there are a lot more snakes around this summer than we've encountered before. 
I wonder why that is. 

We are having some baseball folks over today for a BBQ. 
I'm going to be making the now traditional 4th of July pistachio pie
I'll have to make to when my Mother is here, she'll love it.

Speaking of baseball the school team played their final game on Thursday against a team that includes three of our Wheeler players.
It was a great game!
We were down early, but came back and won 7 to 2!

Caden wanted to end the season the way he started it with a home run.  He ended up with one double, two singles and one pop fly that he got out on, instead. 

Video of the double. Man I love baseball! (when he plays lol)

Caden on third base with a Wheeler player on the mound. 

Steeling into home!
He got into a bit of a pickle between third and home. 
I remembered to pick up the damn camera on this race into home. 
Wish I'd have started recording when they were chasing him between third and home. It was outrageously exciting!

Gorgeous red sun on the way home that evening. 

Two more tournaments with the Wheeler boys and the season will be done.
Caden is already asking about wrestling camps and possibly fall baseball.

The big kids continue to work all the time and neither will be able to take any extra time off from work when my Mother and Gerry are here, which is a bummer.
I however am going to be off for 10 days!
Can't wait!!

Oh hey, I almost forgot... Our cow had her calf finally.
Not sure what it is yet as she is way out in the neighbors pasture.
I thought she'd be coming home shortly after having the calf, but apparently she'll be staying there to be bread back in August or September. I had thought the Hubby would just sell her to the neighbor, but I guess not. Or at least not right now.

 Have a wonderful safe Holiday!


Nikker said...

Sounds like a fantastic last game! So glad they won!
Good luck for the next two tourney's!
Enjoy your 10 days off! I am jealous!! (0:

I was wondering what happen to your cow! Hope you got a bull calf. Beef prices are through the roof here, and Chad's talk about wanting to get a couple of cows is sounding saner and saner every day...

Nicole said...

one double, two singles and one pop fly that he got out on, instead

explain to someone who doesn't understand the lingo please...