Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The wet wet wet...

Early yesterday morning the storms started.
It stormed most of the day. 
Thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

I had to pump water off the pool three times and the Hubby did it after he got home as well. 

The rain gauge showed 7 inches of rain at one point, but the next time I went out it was over flowing. I suppose I should have dumped it then, but at that time it was hardly raining and I figured it was about done. 
I was wrong.
After I dumped it we got another inch.
In total I'd say we got about 9 inches.
The neighbors said they got 8.5 inches.

Thankfully no serious winds were associated with those storms. 
There was some localized flooding on a few roads around us. 
Only a tiny bit of water in our basement which is surprising and we hardly had any water in the barn which was even more unusual because it usually has the most water flowing into it lol

I don't think we've ever had a rain event like this since we've been here in WI. 
It was quite impressive. 
Imagine if that 9 inches of rain had been snow?
10 inches of snow equals just one inch of rain so we'd have been looking at a whopping 90 inches of snow.. Now that would be a nightmare!

My vacation has been moved out a week successfully - YAY!



Nicole said...

So I would expect that we'd have to pump our pool out too... flooding in the area... yet we haven't had to pump water off yet.. is that weird?

Nikker said...

I had no idea that was the rain to snow ratio! Good lord that would have been a night mare... )0:

Hurray for the "fixed" vacation time!!