Friday, July 17, 2015

Another TGIF week in review

Last weekends tournament was action packed and thrilling!

The boys won three out of four games.

Lot's of good hits, which leads to base stealing...

and sliding!
This one actually broke the base off it's anchors lol

It was mostly cloudy with temps in the low 80's, but I tell you when the sun did come out it was freaking miserably hot. You could feel the heat rolling off the field in waves. It was awful for the boys when they were in the outfield. Thankfully they took care of business fast enough most innings not to have to be out there long.

They took 2nd place!
The boys all got their own trophy's too!
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE baseball?!?!?!?!?!
Great sport for kids to be involved in.

Big storms came through this week as well. 
Another 3 inches of rain and gusty wind brought down the dying black walnut tree. It fell into the live black walnut tree taking most of it down too. 

My vacation is cancelled again unfortunately.
No idea when the folks will be coming this way.

Another big weekend of baseball for the Wheeler boys and it's really supposed to get hot.
90's+ and they say the real feel could be up in the 100's.
Glad they are playing early both days before the temps get ugly.
There is a lake and swimming beach nearby where they are playing so I plan on bringing the swim stuff for afterwards. Should be fun.

Stay cool :)


Nicole said...

Oh no, they still weren't able to make the trip? What happened?

How do you win 3 of 4 games and come out 2nd? I'm thinking about this... so the team that beat them in that 4th came out 1st right? tournament?

Milk Processing said...

Hi, images are nice and good trip. Thanks for share with us great trip moment.

Nikker said...

More great action photos!
Hurray on the second place finish! That's pretty cool!
Hope the next tourney is as good if not better!

So, sorry that your vacation/family visit's been canceled again. )0: