Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

We had a great 4th filled with swimming, eating and fireworks. 

The boys watching one of those paper lanterns fill with hot air.

My Mother has had to push their trip here back a week. I'm going to see if I can adjust my vacation accordingly. Fingers crossed that I can. Lot's of folks off in July already and we are pretty busy.

The Dozer update.
Colton has been working with him a lot. He has a lot of potential to be a good dog.
Just this week he has caught on his own (I think) three squirrels and one unidentified small animal.
He did not kill the squirrels right away but carried them around and played with them. He will groom them as well. How strange is that?
Colton has been gone this weekend so Dozer stays in the kennel at night. That little shit started barking and carrying on at 3a. Freaking pissed me off I tell you. Course I couldn't go back to bed after that until almost 5a. grrrrrr.

Pumpkin pie aka Bunka and her babies.

Anyone need a kitty?
They sure are cute.

The corn as of this morning is quite a bit taller than knee high. 
Makes it easier for Scotch and Jenny to grab a mouthful as we walk through it on our rides. 
When the dogs come along they have a tendency to scare the shit out of the horses popping out here and there in the corn. Which as you can imagine gets your heart pumping lol

Have a good one :)


Nicole said...

Put the kennel outdoors :)

Nikker said...

The corn looks so cool...makes me think of the movie Field of Dreams! (0: Back before Kevin Costner quit making good movies!

Fingers crossed you can get the time off for you family's visit!

When it's convenient send Dozer my way... Now that my old dog's gone, I have NOTHING to kill the mice in the barn...