Wednesday, July 8, 2015


that Chyann and I actually got out for a ride yesterday!

I am charging my old camera to take with us the next time we ride. 
Trying to take pictures with a cell phone is about the worst idea.
Damn thing is too complicated to try and handle with one hand while you've got reins in the other and all that.

Was an interesting ride with all the rain we had earlier in the week.
The horses sank up to their hocks every other step. Lots of jockeying in and out of mud holes.
Made for a fun ride I tell you.

Happy humpday!


Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun ride even with the mud/water.

Nikker said...

It's so green and pretty there!!

Those kind of rides always bring out the old lady in me and I'm stressed the whole time about my horse pulling a stiffle or bowing a tendon. (0: