Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Good morning.

It's sure chilly out today. Our area had frost/freeze advisory out over night. Thankfully we didn't get that low; however we did manage to get down to 36*. Way too cold for the end of May in my opinion.

It's been a week full of triumphs and heartbreak.

A few highlights were the much anticipated game against the their Wheeler teammates. 
Caden flying by one of them

and getting anther of the boys out at second.

It was a hell of a good game. Great sportsmanship from the players and you know both teams really wanted to win this one.
The Colfax boys won 4 to 3.
They had a great time and are looking forward to playing again as a team in June.
After they got done goofing around I got a picture of them - the guy on the right has got the best poker face lol

Another game up in Clear Lake which they boys handily won 15 to 1.
Caden sliding into home.

It was a beautiful field nestled into a hillside

right next to the local lake.
Still working on figuring out my camera, but I'll get it eventually.
Thanks Nicole for all the camera tips and very helpful info, I sure appreciate it!

A few pic of the big kids taken with my phone because I have been worried about carrying my good camera around. Starting today though I'm only taking my camera because how am I going to learn how to use it unless it's continually hanging around my neck?

Colton and Dozer.
Yes he finally got a hair cut - yay!

Chyann hanging out illegally (without a helmet) with Jenny.
I swear any time recently that she wants to ride I can't.
I'm hoping today we can take a little spin.

School gets out on Wednesday for Chyann and Caden then the chaos of summer will begin.
Chyann will OFFICIALLY be a freaking SENIOR and Caden a 7th grader.
Senior pictures are coming and WTF we need about six new outfits? man o man.
Swim lessons, baseball, basketball camps, wrestling camps.
It's going to be busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I'm quite grateful for this crazy life we've got going here. 
I think sometimes we get so busy we forget to stop for a moment and take a look around at how fortunate we really are.
A tragic senseless death in my extended family this week makes me realize (once again) how fragile life is.
Never let your loved ones walk out the door or hang up the phone, without telling them you love them; it could be the last time you have that opportunity.
Always wear your damn seat belt - really. There are no excuses for not wearing it.

A close friend of mine had emergency back surgery on Friday.
Started out with just a sore back that kept getting worse. She ended up having a disc and bone fragments removed that were pressing on her nerves creating sciatic pain - which is what the doc thought they were originally treating. Talk about some bad shit.

Take care


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Nikker said...

Wow, you guys are going to busy!

Try and get Chyann to get one of her senior pictures with her horse or horses (even if you have to take it). I know it's cliche', but mine with my old mare is still the ONLY senior picture that I like. (0:

Sorry for your loss...