Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Another week done. 
We sure had some nice weather this last week - warm to hot and humid which sparked some rain producing thunderstorms.
I bet we are no longer in the dry range with as much rain as we've had. 
Thursday night a whopper of a storm came through from which we got 2.5 inches of rain in about an hour. That amount of rain in such a short period of time of course washed out parts of the driveway leaving behind 4 inch deep ruts and flooded the barn. The Hubby spent a good chunk of Friday filling ruts and getting it fixed up.

Yesterday Caden played in the first all day tourney of the season. 
It was literally an alll day affair - we left the house at 730a and didn't get home until after 8p.

They took second in the tourney so did not get the big trophy in the below picture, but they'll get one yet this season I'm sure.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!
Low humidity, mid 70's and blue skies.
Was a good thing I worked the concession stand off and on throughout the day otherwise I'd be as sunburned as the Hubby is - lobster red is not a good color on him. Caden is quite red today too, but definitely not as bad as his Dad is. Both of them liberally used sunblock all day even.

A few of my favorite pictures:
Caden and his two best friends

Caden sliding into home plate SAFE! 

Huge strides to fly down the base line.

I'm freaking irritated that I either accidentally deleting or not recorded when I thought I was recording Cadens best hit of the day - a monster freaking hit to the orange fence - was damn near a home run. UGH. damn it. 
He had an amazing day! Great hits, great runs, great catches to make great plays. 
Damn I love baseball - when he plays!

And today is Mothers Day.
It's cool out, almost cold even. No big plans. Might mow as the yard which seems mostly weeds all the sudden is getting tall.

Enjoy :)


Ami said...

Happy Mother's Day... it's a little late, but you know, when you have kids, every day is Mother's Day... am I right?

Nicole said...

I'm not going to lie, I hate days where it seems like you're gone all day long. They get long. Glad they did good in the tourney though! Happy Late Mother's Day!!