Monday, May 25, 2015

This and that....

The official start to summer - Memorial day weekend. 
We were planning on attending our local Memorial day parade today, which would have featured Chyann in the high school band for the last time and Caden for the first time marching with the middle school band, but due to the rain it was cancelled. 

From yesterday at 1230p when it started raining till now we've received 2.5 inches of rain.
I managed to get the long garden planted before the rain drove me inside. When the sky clears I'll go plant the small garden - yesterday I noticed that I had a freaking mole trail right through that garden. No idea what to do about that or if he'll be back.

Nice and green here this morning though.

Saturday Caden's Wheeler team played in an all day tournament in a nearby town.
They played three different teams in back to back games and won the tournament!

The boys played wonderfully!
Instead of a team trophy they received Memorial day dog tags with the date and place of the tournament. Kind of a neat idea.

Caden slid into home more often than not.
You know it's a good baseball day when you come home and have to literally dump the dirt/sand from your back pockets of your baseball pants lol
He had some great hits and a ton of RBI's!

The big kids came and supported their brother.

I'm learning a lot about my new camera.
It wasn't my intention to have it focus on Colton and blur Caden a bit but it's kind of a cool picture with that going on.

Favorite picture of the day, my kiddos.

Caden and his best buddies - they've been 6, 7, 8 for all the years they've played together. 

This Wheeler team is made up of kids from three different towns. The boys all play for their home team as well as this team. So tomorrow night they will play the Spring Valley team which includes four of their Wheeler teammates. They knew they'd be up against some of their Wheeler teammates at different times throughout the season and they are excited to play them.
It will be interesting for sure.

Snapped a few pictures driving home.
I like how the foreground is blurry, but the trees are gorgeous and clear.

Caden was singing and practically dancing in his seat on the way home.
Course soon as he saw me taking pictures of him via the mirror he quit.

Have a good one :)

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Nikker said...

Love those boy's number scheme! How fun!!