Saturday, June 6, 2015

Best deal...

Drat, I started writing this Monday night and never got back around to it.


I hit my first thrift sale of the season on Saturday afternoon.
These folks really wanted to move their junk treasures and as we walked up told us everything just had to go!
Would we like a free blue recliner? No, thanks.
How about a gently used kitchen table and four chairs for ten bucks? No, thank you.
What about washer/dryer set for 100? Naah
Quilts/blankets/sheet sets for queen and king beds for just 20 bucks? No, thanks.
A five year old bow-flex for 5 bucks? Say that again? Well lets have a look.

Yes, we ended up stuffing that contraption into the van and bringing it home. So far it's the deal of the summer. Everyone has been down to the basement taking their turn on that bad boy. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a clothes hanger like I've seen so many before or end up sold at the sale I'm hoping to have in August.

Caden's school team suffered their first lost of the season on Tuesday to the team they beat the first game they played - the game Caden got his first homerun in. That team brought in some new players and one of our boys got hurt during a collision at home plate. Final score 2 to 1 so it was a super close game. Next week three games.

School is officially out here. Chyann's senior graduation count down is on. 341 days. Mark your calendar folks.

Both Chyann and Colton got jobs this week. YAY kids!

I've got to run. We are off to Green Bay today!

Have a great day!


Milk Production said...

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Nikker said...

That bowflex is a deal!! Chad's been talking about getting one and we can't find one under $200. At only $5 for it, you'll totally get your monies worth out of quickly! LOL!!