Saturday, May 16, 2015

A heavy finger

is no longer needed when taking pictures with my new camera.
The shutter is so fast in sports/action mode if I were to push the shutter button like I did on my old camera I'd have about 35 pictures instead of just the one. Imagine that.

I've been having fun learning all the tricks to it. Lots know for taking the best pictures possible and video too because this camera also has that function.

Caden's first game with his school team was on Wednesday.
He was the first up to bat and on the first pitch thrown he gets his first home run of the season!
I even managed to get it on video!
Talk about a thrilling start to the game.

The Hubby got him a new bat that he used for the first time in the game. It's a Mako which I guess in the world of baseball is a good one.
Caden says it makes Mako Magic.

Caden booking from second to third base.

When I down loaded my pictures I had over a hundred.
Lot's of fun sequential shots of him running and batting.
Love this one of him mid air.

Hard to know which pictures are keepers when you have sooooo many that are similar.
I've decided to take a photography class, might as well learn to take better pictures with this camera. Use it to it's potential.

In other news. 
This will be our only free weekend for a while. 
Not a lot planned other than mowing and riding horses.

Have a good one!


Nicole said...

Photography classes are great! I took one once :). another place to check out is It's a pretty cool website.

Nikker said...

Wow! You got some amazing shots! That camera is amazing. Photography classes sound fun! Let us know how it goes! (0: