Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dozer and other stories

 As sweet as he is, he is the very definition of a

Shit eater.

The horses doing a bit of mowing for me.

So.. I finally decided to get rid of my gray hair.
Dithered in the hair product isle for about 30 minutes and narrowed it down to two colors.
Had the Hubby make the final decision because both were very similar to what I naturally have. 
Which is what I was looking for. He picked color 63 - brown sugar a light golden brown. 
Okey dokey.
Let's do this. 
It's been years since I've done a box color and yes I was a bit apprehensive.
Color in, wash out and see whats what.
Caden says it looks purplish brown to him. Say it isn't so.
 I think it has more of a red hue, but definitely a browish color.
It hasn't even been a week and my grays are already showing again. Almost like the color didn't take well. Not sure what is up with that. 
Four weeks until I can do it again?
Guess we'll see about that because I have a hankering to be blonde lol

I got a new camera for Mother's Day.
A fancy dancy one that has a super fast shutter speed!
Has all kinds of cool technology like transferring pictures to a smart phone by just touching the phone to the camera? That doesn't seem possible and right now it's not because the instruction book is huge and I've barely figured out the first chapter. 
I'd better get hot though because Caden has a game tomorrow and I wanna try it out.

Have a good one :)


Nicole said...

What kind of camera did you get????

Nikker said...

Hurray for a new camera!!