Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

First things first - my beloved son made it home on Friday night!

Friday was about the longest day ever.
 I absolutely could not concentrate at work - did you know airlines have this super cool flight tracking thing now? You put in the flight number and can watch the aircraft's progress? I refreshed that screen every 10 minutes as they crossed the Atlantic. About had a small heart-attack when I found out their flight from Newark to MSP had been cancelled due to no flight crew. Imagine that right? Must have been some kind of weird karma for all the times I cancelled a flight due to no crew lol Anyhow they were rescheduled and made it to MSP within an hour of of their originally scheduled arrival. He took the shuttle from there to Menomonie where we picked him up.

He has a bit of a foreign accent going on, needs a haircut super bad, suffering from jet lag and happy to be home.

I went to bed Friday night feeling at peace because all the kids were here safe and sound. 

Yesterday we spent the day as a family and it was wonderful.
Missed the Derby festivities with my friends, but there is always next year.

We got our delivery of trees on Wednesday. 
Instead of  50 trees, it turned out we had actually ordered 70.
60 red pines and 10 red maples. 

All were one and two year bare root stock, so pretty small.
We got 50 in the ground that night and the other 20 yesterday afternoon.
From all that I've read, our goal this year is to keep them adequately watered to establish a good root system and then next year they will really start growing. 

Picture from my office window last week.
Some days its sure hard to look out and not go out and do something. 

Today I'm planning on getting the gardens re-tilled and ready for planting this coming weekend. 
I figure with the weather being as nice as it has been that I'm going to risk that we wont be getting another frost this season. Fingers crossed :)



Ami said...

Yay!! Home safe!!
I don't like to fly, but I've never shown up for a flight that had no crew...

Nicole said...

Hopefully no frost. I got a notification on my Timehop app that 2 years ago today it was 37 degrees here. OMG! seriously :). Glad Colton made it home safely! Cool that he has an accent to go with that, sad he'll lose it!

Nikker said...

Hurray! Glad he made it home safe! You once canceled a flight???!!! (0:
Oh, the power that you once had! It's kind of a fun thought to be able to do something like that....even if it probably didn't make you very popular!