Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

Yesterday marked the first day of Baseball for us. 

The boys played two five inning games and handily won both!
This team has some incredible talent. 
All of them can hit, pitch, catch and run like hell.

Caden had the only triple run of the game!
Absolutely thrilling I tell you!

Last night was prom and as she said months ago, Chyann did not go. I asked her this morning as all her friends are posting pictures and stores on FB if she regretted it and the answer was a resounding nope. Good.

She was recently honored at the school for her accomplishments in the National Honor Society.
We are so proud of her. 
Time to start thinking of Senior pictures, invitations and all that. 
The Hubby wants us to do the catering thing for her grad party like we did for Colton's, but I think I can easily put on the spread that the caterers did. 

The pups all snuggled up. 

Dozer and Beegee look so alike some days.
I'm dreading telling Chyann that Dozer ate the leather strings off her new moccasins this morning.

5 days until Colton is home!
Today I am making Caden move out of his room.
He has slept in Colton's bed every night since he's been gone.
He even jokingly calls it "his room".
These kids are sure growing up.


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Nicole said...

Do you ever get a break from sports?