Saturday, January 31, 2015

January gone?

January sure flew past. 
It was a crazy busy month for us. 

A wrestling tourney and a basketball tourney a week, not to mention at least one practice a week for each sport. 

Caden is doing great in wrestling.
The below pic is of a pin he did in something like less than 30 seconds. 

Basketball has been amazing as well.

The Hubby turned the big 50 and we had a little get together with friends that we both really enjoyed. 

Colton left on his European Adventure.
I couldn't hardly talk about it for a few days though because every time I did I just wanted to bawl. 

He is currently in Scotland going to school every day and touring the country side and city by night. 
He says the fish and chips are better than any he's ever had.
The whiskey is phenomenal and the beer tastes like American beer. 
The weather is a bit warmer than what we have here  - about 40ish during the day and freezing at night. This is where he is currently staying in Scotland. 
Pretty Amazing eh?

Biggest obstacle of being overseas is the freaking cell phone.
Our carrier has about the worst damn cell plan EVER!
50cents per text sent/received and an outrageous 1.99 a min to talk.
AND apparently Scotland does not have wifi like the US does. 
Needless to say we have not talked to him yet.
He's posted some stuff on facebook when he's manged to find wifi and is working on either emailing or putting his pictures on a cloud thing for me to get. 
Stay tuned for amazing pictures of Scotland. 

Dozer continues to grow.
He is almost 8 weeks old. 
About potty trained, but will have an accident occasionally. 
He and Dodger play continually.

later :)


Nikker said...

Wow, you've all been busy!
Scotland looks awesome! I can't wait to see some pictures. I just assumed that all of the "Westernized Countries" were all kind of the same... Wi-Fi everywhere!

Nicole said...

When I went to Costa Rica we had to find pay phones to use to call home... so at least you have the possibility to get a cell phone call ;). I can't wait to see pictures! And how cool would it be to be over there, seriously! What phone carrier do you use?