Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015!

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday.
Me, I'm gad it's all done and over with.

We had a wonderful holiday, but the hustle and bustle of it all combined with our busy lives - which just seems to get busier all the time, wore me the hell out. 
Hence the mini blog vacation.

Colton is home now until he leaves for Europe on the 27th. 
You would not believe all that he is required to bring with him or the things he is prohibited from bringing or doing while in Europe.
For example no clothes with American symbols - flags or slogans - for bands/food/teams. 
Apparently they aren't to advertise/tell that they are even from America unless it's within the scope of the many interviews with local people that they are doing. 
That in and of itself makes me nervy. 

Chyann and Caden return to school tomorrow. 
Their holiday vacations from school seem to be getting shorter every year. 

Chyann will be the big 17 in a mere 10 days.
Is that incredible or what?! 
No idea what she wants to do this year for her birthday. 
Personally I'd like to take her skiing, but we'll see. 

Caden is entrenched in training and practicing for wrestling and basketball. 

His basketball team had their second tournament yesterday and it was amazing!
They played four games and won three of them. 
Which brought them a second place ribbon for the tourney. 
The team they lost to had some huge boys on their team and they were rotten sports. 
One boy I particularly wanted to whoop.
He'd trip our boys, smash into them knocking them to the ground and scream in their faces when he was guarding them. 
What an ass.
You'd think the refs would have seen more than what they called called on him, but I suppose they can't see it all. Still, it really burned me.

My kids thought I was obnoxious at games - shouting and telling the boys to find their man when on defense and get their arms up, but apparently I am a calm good basketball mother compared to some other ladies that we saw yesterday. 
One gal actually got kicked out of the game for cussing the refs and hollering at the kids on the court. 

Anywho, here's a little video of Caden making a good layup.

And getting a free throw in.
I'm still totally thrilled how much the boys have all improved from last year. 

In other news: We've finally got some snow on the ground.
(you'd think these ponies would have the sense to go into the barn, but no)

Just in time for it to get brutally cold out. 
With temps this week not expected to get much above zero and wicked wind chills anywhere from -20 to -50. It is going to be an ugly week. 

This morning I made some more of my red wine vinegar garlic jalapenos. 
Found a recipe online and gave it a bit of tweaking, these bad boys go well on every food.
From fried taters to salads - YUM!

Stay warm folks :)


Nikker said...

Happy 2015 to you all too!!

Nicole said...

I can't watch the video right now... my headphones got taken out of my bag and I'm sitting in a fairly empty library but a library nonetheless. That's crazy that they can't take that stuff overseas. When we went to Costa Rica we were encouraged to wear stuff from our school.