Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday AM Coffee

Top of the Morning to ya!

What a week. Today I'm not doing anything but watching football and maybe napping on the couch.

Highlight of the week was yesterdays all day basketball tournament in our town.
The boys played hard, but unfortunately got their buts kicked all three games they played.
Two of the games went into overtime, but they just couldn't maintain their lead and ended up loosing.
Which is not a bad thing. Maybe they'll all spend a little more time practicing their ball handling skills instead of being mesmerized by their ipods/phones/tablets or whatever.

Technology is not a bad thing if, as with anything, it is used in moderation.
In talking to some of the mothers yesterday it seems most of them do not put a limit on how much screen time their kids get. One gal even seemed to brag that her kid was on his tablet from the moment he came home from school till bed.
Really? To me that is ridiculous.

Both the big kids attended Caden's games and left as soon as they were over. The Hubby and I stayed behind to help clean up.

When we arrived home I couldn't believe what was waiting for me.

Some back ground on the situation:
It's been damn cold here. Over night temps anywhere from -15 to -20 and daytime highs maybe up to zero and the WIND! The wind has been howling! School was even cancelled on Wednesday due to wind chill values in the -45* range.  So Dodger gets to come in the house and is either confined to the entryway with the other dogs when we are gone or with someone when they elsewhere in the house. Can't have the big lummox freezing outside now can we? He is pretty good, but will occasionally get a bit wiggly if left on his own.

However when the big kids came home they neglected to either confine the dogs to the entryway or keep an eye on them. They went on their merry way to their rooms leaving them with the run of the house.

Imagine my surprise when upon entering the house I find that the bowl of scraps that goes to the compost pile had been stolen off the counter and eaten - yes the bowl too. The container of bacon grease upended on the kitchen floor!

Container of bacon grease you ask? Well you've got to do something with it right? So it goes into an empty ice cream bucket when its still warm and pour able. When the container is full it goes to the trash. I'm not even kidding, the kitchen floor was more slick than an ice rink! How do you even go about cleaning that mess up? UGH. Fun times folks.

Next weekend will be Caden's first wrestling tournament. I'm excited!

Chyann will be 17 on Tuesday. Still can't get over that.

Colton actually has quite a few assignments that are due to be handed in before he leaves on the 28th and has been working on those. He's got all his gear ready for the trip. Yes, the events that occurred in France this last week are worrisome, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

later :)


Ami said...

Oh dear what a mess... bacon grease! Ack. We don't have a dog anymore.::sigh:::

I sop our bacon grease up with paper towels in the bottom of the skillet and toss them in the garbage.

I have mixed feelings about the whole screen time thing. I am on the computer a lot. I know when it's time to quit and I have other responsibilities, though. So I have to make sure my own stuff is done as an adult. Maybe that's the secret? Get your stuff done then you can play on your screen? Hm.

17 is pretty grown up. I left home at 17. Was married at 19.

Looking back I can't believe it. How could they let babies get married?

Nicole said...

Apparently I don't know what happened in France.... And darn on the bacon grease. How did you manage to clean it up?