Monday, January 5, 2015

Who knew?

A little background on the situation:
Our little dog Beegee is not spayed. 
She comes into heat about once a year for maybe two days at the most.
We've not owned a male dog or had any in the area that were not neutered until we got Dodger.
Just before my Dad and Jeanne came for a visit the first part of October we got Dodger neutered because he was smelling around Beegee like she was going to be in heat soon.
Problem solved.

Yes he was neutered but apparently even after neutering a dog those pesky hormones remain in their system for about three weeks.
So while my family visited that is all we saw when we went outside - Dodger attempting to mount Beegee because she'd stand for him all day long. 
Crimaney. Let me tell you that got old fast.
Anywho she was out of heat right after they left and life returned to normal - no more humping dogs.

We didn't realize Beegee was pregnant until about 10 days before she gave birth.
She was just huge all the sudden.
We figured there had to be about three pups in there. 

When she went into labor of course it was late on a Sunday night and we could immediately tell that there was going to be problems. 
After an hour of laboring she finally was pushing the first baby out. 
His head was all that she could deliver.
I went and got the Hubby and we/he somehow eased that pup out.
The pup was totally unresponsive.

The Hubby was the hero of the night because he was able to save him by preforming a bit of CPR, massage and all that.

Meet Dozer - so named because he bull dozed his way into life.
He is four weeks old today and damn near as big as his mother.

Of course the kids want to keep him, but I don't think so - really.

We do not need another dog.
The Hubby says he'll prob be the perfect sized dog, good tempered and not shed.
Maybe who knows  - or he could be the goofiest looking dog in creation.

Stay tuned for Dozer updates.
FYI - he was the only pup Beegee had. 


Ami said...

That's awesome! I know, it's a pain in the ass. But PUPPY!!!!

Nikker said...

OMG! This is a crazy animal planet story AND that puppy is the cutest damn thing!!

Anonymous said...

how old is Dozer in that picture? he is huge!! but, a cutie!!

Nicole said...

Man you wouldn't want more than him in her!! And you know when men get the surgery they have to still protect for a year because of all the sperm still in their system... must be the case there too...