Monday, January 19, 2015

Free day

For whatever reason the company I work for chooses to observe MLK day.
Fine with me, I'll take a paid day off. 

It's also either my sixth or seventh anniversary of having quit smoking.
Funny I can't remember how long it's been.
Guess it doesn't really matter. 
Good riddance, I say. 

In other news:

Caden has another wrestling tournament tomorrow after school.
He is stoked. 

The Hubby turns the big 50 on Friday.
Imagine that. 

Chyann has an actual "first date" on Saturday.
Her Daddy is nervous. 
He'd like her to take a friend as chaperon, interrogate the boy, show him that he has guns and a few other odd things that I have absolutely said NO to.
Should be interesting.

I'm confident Chyann will be fine. 
As for the boy, well we've known him for years and years. He is very nice.
All will be well, but you can't tell her Daddy that.
Deep breath.

Also we wont be having any damn double standards here.
What Colton got to do at 17, Chyann will have the opportunity to do at 17.
No if and's or buts about it - so there.

Nine days until Colton leaves.

Dozer is six weeks old now. 
Damn near as big as his Mother. 
He is a frisky cute pup.

Later folks, I'm off to enjoy the day :)

1 comment:

Nikker said...

Dozer is so freaking cute!!
The double standard thing made me laugh! I was the oldest of three girls and I still "remind" my parents of all the stuff that they let the "two younger girls" got to do that I didn't! (0:

Safe travels to Colton on his big adventure!