Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week in review:

What a week.

The lovely Chyann turned 17 on Tuesday!
She is an amazing young lady.
Strong, smart, beautiful, determined - the list goes on and on.
We couldn't be more proud of her.

(Jeff check out that sockeye in the window!)

Yesterday was Caden's first wrestling tournament in a nearby town.
I was so tense and felt like puking all three times he wrestled. 
My hands were even shaking.
Somehow managed to get a few decent pictures taken. 

The first match I think he was nervous and was unsure how to put the moves together to win, he lost 0 to 5. 
Second match he was ahead until the last second and ended up losing by one point - 5 to 6
Third match he figured it out and went into beast mode winning 12 to 4.
Caden is the boy in red.

The coaches and even other parents said Caden did wonderfully and shows some real talent.
Pretty damn exciting I tell you! 

The boys who wrestled in the tourney - except for the little boy in blue.

My big kids even came!

We actually got home before dark so Chyann and I decided to take a little ride. 
It was above freezing and our snow is melting - a little taste of the spring!
It was windy as hell too.

Maybe not the most ideal day to ride since the horses haven't been ridden since November, but that was ok. 
Jenny was super fresh and totally full of piss and vinegar. 
She gave Chyann a run for her money a time or two. 

I rode the ever trusty Scotch and enjoyed every moment. 

later :)


Ami said...

I am always really glad that neither one of my kids were the sporty model... I would have been like you, worried sick over them.

She's beautiful, you're right. 17 is a magical age, I actually remember being that old. :)

It's intimidating and astounding to see how fast time really goes, isn't it?

Nikker said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chyann!!