Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday AM coffee

The main even this weekend was a wrestling tourney about an hour North of us. 

Caden took second place in his weight class. 
Which was fantastic!
He won two and lost one match - the match he lost was damn close though.
Freaking exciting I tell you.

In case you cant tell because of the blur, that's Caden on the left after winning a match.
Man I need a camera with a faster freaking shutter. 

Finally talked to Colton last night via facetime on our iphones. 
The connection was not the best and we lost connection a few times, but whatever we got to see and hear him so it was wonderful.
He says yes to the standard MOM type questions:
YES - he is eating well, sleeping well, having fun, doing his homework, brushing his teeth, keeping track of his stuff and all that. 
Good good. All things a worried parent needs to hear. 
They'll be in Scotland for another week then traveling South to England.


Our weather has turned cold again, back to more typical winter temps. 

Have you noticed the daylight?
I don't see much of a difference in the mornings yet, but in the evening it's light till about 515p. 
Spring is coming folks.  

And with Spring on the way my to do list is coming together.
Do you realize that this spring/summer Chyann will be getting her SENIOR pictures done?
Well it's true and with that fact looming all sorts of things have to happen (for her graduation party of course) like painting the porch, replacing a few windows, planting trees, finally removing the Elm tree stump, getting rid of the impediment in the back yard that is the old hottub, planting a bunch of shrubs/perennials behind the garage............... the list goes on and on.

Final thought for the day.
Super bowl Sunday.

I don't care who wins, just hope it's a good game.  

Have a good one!

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Nicole said...

I couldn't help but giggle at your list you're already creating of stuff to do! And she can't be that old! dang! So how are all of Caden's problems holding up with the sports?