Saturday, June 21, 2014

The longest day and other happenings

Summer vacation.
Best time ever if you are a kid right?

Miss Chyann has been spending her time working with the horses. 
She says Jenny got "seriously stupid" over the winter. 
Of course, that happens and every spring she works all the kinks out of her and gets back with it.
Good thing she has the trusty Scotch to assist her with this process.

The bugs are atrocious!
With all the rain we've had it is purely miserable out in the pasture and yard.
Fly spray helps, but the horses are still irritated by them.
The rotten bugs are even eating me and I almost never get bit. 
Must need to up my garlic intake.

Gypsy says "Yeah, better you than me".
The old lady came through the winter really well.

Casper the sweet and dirty.
Chyann had a grazing muzzle on him earlier in the week and boy he didn't like wearing it.

Finally got the rain gauge put out yesterday.
Better late than never I guess.
I heard we've had over 12" of rain this month. 
I can believe it. 
We've got several inches of standing water under the willow.

I guess they call Lab's water dogs for a reason right?
Dodger loves hanging out in the wet.
Run and play, then take a quick dip in the muddy water to cool off - repeat.

June 21st.
Longest day of the year. 
I don't want to start loosing daylight already.
I like it being light out when I get up in the morning.
I like the daylight till 9pish.

Going to be a hot one here today - about 85* and humid.
I'll take it.
Bring on the heat.
I've been cold forever it seems.
later :)


Nicole said...

I almost forgot that today was the first official day of summer... aka longest day of the year! It's supposed to be 89 here today and of course humid, but you can't expect anything else of MO weather :). I love that she says that the horse went seriously stupid... lol :)

tainterturtles said...

It was a beautiful summer solstice day, but now each day will get shorter....bitter sweet.

Hope your garden is doing well with all this rain!

Jeff Wilson said...

hey sister call me. Jeff

Lisa said...

You got rain, we got COLD!! IT'S finally warmed up. Kinda. It's still chilly at night. Friday it was only +14 celcius. That's cold for June. Everything here is late blooming. Sad, sad, sad. We were all psyched up for a warm spring since we had an evil, long winter.

Nikker said...

So glad that Chyann is riding! (0:
My mom's mare wears a grazing muzzle- the first time we put it on her, she drug her nose on the ground for what seemed like an hour. It was pretty funny to watch! Now a days, she is quite adept at eating with it on and doesn't seem to mind it, just keep after it until it becomes "normal" for him.