Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

Hell of a stormy night in our neck of the woods.

The thunder and rain started about 10p last night and we were hit with round after round of storms until about 8a this morning. No idea how much rain we got, but I'm guessing a minimum of three inches. We've got standing water everywhere and a flooded barn of course. Not to mention some serious erosion behind the barn again. 

A few pictures from around the place that I took yesterday.

It's interesting that the lilac trees bloom about three weeks earlier than this lilac bush does.
Keeping that lovely smell around for a bit longer I guess. 
They smell wonderful.

Check it out!
The first tomato's have set in the garden. Lots of blossoms on all the pepper plants too. 

Jennifer Rain watching me intently as I tidy up the barn. 

Dodger aka Hudson is winning the little dogs over bit by bit.
They still freak out at him occasionally though and will not yet play with him.
Yes that is my garden behind them and I definitely need to mow again.

But since the little dog wont play he finds other things to keep himself occupied:

So far he has eaten/popped 1 volleyball, 2 footballs and 2 basketballs.
We give him bones and they are quickly either devoured or stolen by Shasta when he is occupied doing something else, never to be seen again. I'm glad the kids are home for summer vacation because they all walk him, take time to play fetch about a thousand times a day and really spend a lot of time with him. Can't imagine what he would be up to if they were at school all day. 

Bobbi Jo.
You can tell that her skull/jaw was crushed and broke, but she seems to have all her "brains" about her.
She still hasn't made it to back to the barn because Chyann worries she is not quite ready yet, but I think if she is well enough to climb the living room curtains she is well enough to be in the barn.


Have a great day and Fathers Day of course!


Aunt Krissy said...

arnt you getting the barn yard worked on this summer so it wont flood? When will that happen?
Garden looks nice,but not all that grass that you have to mow! Hudson looks like a bvery good dog!

Nicole said...

Hmmm... think you might wind up with a house cat out of the deal??

tainterturtles said...

Wow, look at that big tomato....what??? Do you have super poop in your garden? I'm jealous!!!

More rain tonight. We've measured over 8 inches since June 1.

Nikker said...

That's an impressive array of sports gear that guys chewed up! (0: I love puppies!
We're getting rain here too, but over the last few days, so it's not been too detrimental. Saw some hay down getting we today...

Anonymous said...

Guess what Kellie ,I got caught upon your bloggs and surprised myself.I remembered all but Caden picture was entered by by someone else.Really made me happy with myself.I love you all.