Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our redneck ways

Finally it was time to get the pool going!

Last year we used this new type of pool cover that is supposed to float on top of the water and be secured around the pool with a thick cable. It must be intended for use in an area that doesn't receive snow like we do because all the snow melt and then all the rain we received stayed on top of the tarp, sinking it about three feet below the surface. 

How to get the leafy, icky, tadpole infested, stagnate water off the tarp without getting it in the almost pristine water below the tarp?

The Hubby's water saving master plan was to use a pump with a filer on the end to pull the water off the top of the tarp and pump it back under the tarp. 

Ingenious right?
I didn't think it would work, but ok lets give it a try.

We had some help from an old friend of Colton's who showed up to visit.

Chyna and Dodger were on tap helping too.
ol' Dodger wanted in that water sooo bad.
I'm sure at some point he'll make his way into the pool this summer.

Only took about an hour with this big pump to suck the water off and then back under.

As the water came off, we pulled the tarp taut, pushing the water towards the filter.
When most of the water was removed we unhooked the cable and pulled the tarp back over on itself and off.

A mostly clean pool.
We need to add about an inch or two of water to get the pump circulating and then it'll probably take a few days to get the water crystal clear and clean.

Through out the whole process Chyann kept saying this is soo redneck.
I have to admit, it did work when I didn't think it would.
How else would we have accomplished this? No idea.

A beautiful day here today.
Going to be in the mid 80's. 
Love it.

Take it easy.


Ami said...

Redneck would have been first drinking about three cases of beer, then using the empty bottles to take the water one dip at a time off the top of the tarp. While wearing cutoffs that show one's butt cheeks.

Looks like it worked very well to me. :)

Aunt Krissy said...

Well, looks like Redneck = smart in WI!

Nikker said...

High Tech Redneck! You used "power tools"! (0:

Nicole said...

I'm not sure how that is redneck! (Sorry I'm quite a bit behind but catching up slowly!) Sounds like a pretty genius idea to me!