Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tornado? and other stuff

We had a tornado go through town yesterday afternoon!
Caden had been at the school for the summer gym program and usually his Dad picks him up, but yesterday he was running late. The Hubby called me at 230p and said he wouldn't be there till after 3p so I should go pick Caden up. OK. When I got to the school Caden was outside waiting under the very same freaking tree that was blown over/torn up by the roots - you can see some footage of the damage in this video. More video here. Yikes! Scares the shit out of me to think he could have been outside in the storm if I hadn't went to get him. 

Then about 345p we drove through town and saw a few trees down, but had no idea a tornado had gone through. Crazy. 

In other news.... 

My garden is doing pretty well. 
I've got a lot of tomato's set and the plants are very healthy.
My pepper plants are a little less robust, but all have fruit set. 

Chyna continues to work the horses every day.
I rode Scotch with her on Thursday and we had a lot of fun - forgot my camera of course. 
I'm looking forward to more good rides this summer.

The Dodger managed to eat the strap off one of Caden's cleats this week, but Caden did leave it where the dog could easily nibble on it so I can't blame him for doing it.

Check out this teeny tiny frog that was found at the baseball game. 
I've never seen one that small before. 

Caden and his two best buddies heading out after the game this week.

They won by a lot. 
Caden had three fantastic hits and made it to home every time.
He pitched and did great too.
Today is the last regular season game.
He is a bit anxious about it because quite a few kids wont be there to play and they had to recruit players from the sixth - going into seventh grade team so they'd have enough players for the game. His anxiety stems from the other kids being older and never playing with them before. 
Supposed to storm again this afternoon too and they could be severe.
Guess we'll see what happens. 

Have a nice day.


Aunt Krissy said...

But you did pick him up in time! I can understand though the "what if" thoughts that go racing in the mind. Glad that you all are okay.

Ami said...

Horrifying. I have been afraid of tornadoes ever since I saw the Wizard of Oz as a small child.

I'd be a friggin' basket case for the next five years, I am not kidding.


Nicole said...

So you went to pick Caden up... what time did the tornado go through. You were lucky you didn't drive into it!

Nicole said...

Oh... and Caden is lucky he wasn't standing under that tree!