Saturday, May 31, 2014

The week in review...

Another week fairly flew past and now the month of May is about done.
The kids have four days of school next week then they are done for the summer.
Summer like temperatures have arrived. 
Feels good - hot, but not a lot of humidity yet. 
We never had time to get the pool going last week, maybe this weekend.

A few pictures of the Memorial Day parade.
Next year Caden will march with the middle school band and it'll be Chyann's last year in the high school band.

You can just see her playing the symbols.
Course it was about 85* and these poor kids were super HOT in their long sleeved wool band jackets. 

Afterwards they were able to cool off a little. 
The girls went kayaking down the local river afterwards and got a weeee bit sunburned.  

Caden played in his second game of the season this last week as well. 
We got trounced, but it was a good learning experience. 

Caden played short stop mostly, but did get to pitch the last inning unexpectedly. 
He was pretty nervy about it since he hadn't pitched in about a month. 

No big plans for the weekend here. 
I've got a good book to read, lawn to mow, rhubarb to freeze, barns to clean, mulch to spread in the garden - which I will add is doing very well, horse's to brush and hopefully to ride.

later :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Maybe no big plans but sounds pretty busy with all that to do. What book did you get? i'm feeling that I can;t find any good books right now. feel in a rut

Nikker said...

Where does your energy come from?? Your weekend's packed!! (0: