Monday, May 26, 2014

As requested:

Pictures of the bathroom.

It's still not 100% finished, but good enough for now since all that's really left is some detail stuff and a door for the laundry and all that can wait until winter as far as I'm concerned. 

The bathroom is 10x17 and as a friend of ours said it's"big enough for ballroom dancing" and that's fairly accurate.
One day after I win the lottery I'd like to have this section of the house - upstairs/downstairs bathrooms, stairway and living room remodeled to utilize the space better, but until then this it is.

As you walk in from the living room.
The taller than average vanity, which everyone who has used it has loved and think it is a great idea.

Looking to the West wall.
I'm going to put a different plant that sits on the floor at some point over there.

And looking to the East wall.
What you cant see is the washer/dryer directly to the right.
Still need some sort of door there.
My favorite - the tall toilet!
And really the tile floor is awesome too. 
Sure was a chore to lay it down since nothing is square or level - gotta love these old houses - but definitely worth it.


It's been a fantastic weekend and damn it's in the 70's already at 830am.
Poor Chyann is gonna melt during the Memorial Day parade that she is marching in today.

Have a good one :)


Ami said...

It looks really nice.
There was one of those light bars above the sink when we moved into this house. There were FOUR 100 watt bulbs in it!! OMG, it was bright enough to get a sunburn in there!!

I want you to post pictures after you host a party IN the bathroom. I think you could probably fit 60 people in there. :)

Aunt Krissy said...

I love the colors! Can't wait to use that new bathroom! I will call tmr on way to work.

Anonymous said...

that looks great Kellie!! I love the colors too.. great job.


Nicole said...

It looks GREAT!! You would have fun with our house too, nothing seems square... lol, so we know those challenges but the floor looks GREAT!! Want to come redo my bathroom next?

Dar said...

I also have the laundry off the bathroom and love, Love, LOVE that it's no longer in the basement. I understand the tiling process as we did the same thing this spring. It's been 'so worth it' tho. You have plenty of elbow room, I love that about some of the older homes like yours. My rooms are dinky. :)