Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I saw the sunrise this morning

and it was beautiful.

Wouldn't you just know it - I'm off today and up at the reDICKulous hour of 3am.
There may be a nap in my future.

The cow, lil white face, has decided the grass is greener on the other side and you know what means - so I've been spending my time either chasing the damn cow or worrying that she is out. The fencer and fence were fixed late yesterday. Fingers crossed that rotten cow wont be out meandering anymore.

Work. Work for me is going just fine. There are always rumbles of impending change throughout the departments, but yesterdays announcement shocked everyone. Telecommuting, it's what I do - work from home. The company sets you up with internet and a fancy computer. You work your hours just like you would from the office. I've no idea how many employees are telecommuters, but all the departments I've worked with or for have at least half their team working from home. There is a new big boss and for whatever reason she has decided telecommuting is no longer an option for a GIANT portion of employees.
They have to go back in-office or basically be fired by the first of June. Lot's of gals that I previously worked with have been given that edict and are panicking. Which I can't say as I blame them one bit. If I'd been given the same edict I'm not sure what I'd do, as I know that I do not want to work back in the office. Makes me nervous.

Remember about a year ago I started my downstairs bathroom remodel? Well after many many starts and stops it has finally come together. I'll get some pictures taken one of these days. Currently my favorite change has been the tall toilet. Yes I know that sounds strange, but there you have it. I'm not a tall person, about average I'd guess and a 16 1/2" tall toilet is the way to go. Easy to get up and down from. Trust me your knees will thank you for investing in this small change for your bathroom if you ever need a new shitter. Another improvement that thrills me is the bathroom vanity. It's actually my old vanity that I painted white and had the Hubby put a 6" lift on the bottom. It now sits about as high as my hips. Perfect for washing your face or brushing your teeth. No more hunching over at my sink! It may have taken forever to get this far, but well worth it and of course we're not completely done yet, but damn close and it's USABLE! Which is awesome considering I'm having a house load of folks over on Saturday. Yes it's finally rolled around, my jewelry party! And I'll receive the $100 bracelet (that I paid 18 bucks for) that enticed me to have the party in the first place.

Last day of finals for our eldest. He'll be home tomorrow, just in time to rake and maybe even mow the yard before my party lol

Happy Humpday :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Iwould tthink that having emps work from home would ne a very large cost saving for the compamy, odd that they want to change it. or are they trying to get leaner?

Anonymous said...

Caden. does look cute in his fun,glasses. Where were you all riding the paddle boat? sure does look fun you all look so good,

Nicole said...

Um... is that a tall or a short toilet? I'm just wondering...